A glimpse of world’s best ruins

Many people travel as far and wide as possible to see the Colosseum, the Great Wall of China or the pyramids in Egypt. Anyhow, should not we consider the deserted and the ruins that do not go once more to ancient times? Some empty structures, relinquished processing plants and neglected train stations have an alternate sort of charm, making you envision what occurred inside the now-fragmenting dividers. You can relate to what you are seeing and estimate what it was like before it was created. Have a look into these recondite spots from the not so remote past. Let us have a look at the worth watching ruins.


  • Kokmanskop is an abandoned desert in Southern Namibia. It was once a great diamond mining hub. After the first diamond finder became popular, there was a kind of rush. German fortune seekers made a whole village there with school, medical centers and even with ballroom. During the early years of the 20th century, the desert was abandoned and life was impossible there. In contemporary times, many tourists from across the world come to see this deserted place. Many of the buildings are still in very good shape. The main town is just a few miles away, due to which tourists can enjoy this place ell.


  • City hall Subway station in New York is also a ruin but it is a great place for sightseeing and for a tour if you are a lover of ruins. This place never saw much ridership and served just 600 people even during peak days. It is designed to be a showcase station. The intricate design and décor bring forth the architectural pattern of late 19th century. This place was abandoned in 1945 and now, it is one of the most beautiful places of New York for tourists.


  • New Smyrna Beach has a sugar mill, which was abandoned in 1830’s. It has a very rich and colorful history. It was once a steam powered sugar mill adjacent to sawmill. However, in the civil war between Native Americans of Seminole tribe and Florida, it was destroyed. Garrison U.S however used the remains for sometime but today this placed is abandoned. Now the walls of this mill are intact only; roofs are gone and it presents a true picture of ruin only. The road to this mill is trouble-free and clear due to which it attracts a number of tourists.


  •  Aldwych Tube Station in Westminster is one of the best ruins. It is also famous as a ‘ghost station’ in London. It is connected with an underground network but has been cut long since with the city’s main tube network. During the operation, it was not much used by passengers, which made less profitable and resulted in its abandonment in the year 1944. Nowadays people can explore it the way they like. You can also find a guide at cheap rates to enjoy your trip even more.


  • Nicosia Airport in Cyprus was also deserted in 1974 after the Turkish Invasion. It was attacked so badly that the façade of building was dismantled and the airport completely had to cease its operations after that. It never reopened, although UN personnel on some extended peacemaking mission used some of its parts. The planes and terminal areas of this airport have deteriorated but the ruins still provide a glimpse of the bygone era. This place still has faded posters with different advertisements that give a scenario of ‘frozen in time’. The whole place bears scars of invasion that took place in 1974. Due to all this, the Nicosia Airport attracts many tourists and now, it is considered as one of the best ruins in the world.

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