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Global Health Insurance vs. Travel Insurance: What’s the Difference?

by Dr Prem Community Writer

It’s always a good idea to get health insurance before leaving the country. This precautionary measure offers a good deal of protection in case a traveler gets into any unexpected health emergencies while abroad, so it’s a must-have regardless if the traveler is just planning for a weekend trip or staying for a few years to work or study.

But before signing up for any insurance, you have to make sure that you’re getting one that provides you with maximum coverage. You’ll need a package that can fulfill your needs and give you any medical support that you may require while you’re away. International travelers often have 2 options at their disposal: travel insurance and global health insurance. These insurance types provide different coverages and are best used for different purposes. You need to get the right insurance to ascertain that you have access to the right kind of help when you need it.

So how do you choose one? First, you have to know what each option offers.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance, the first option, is for short stays such as a weekend trip or an overseas conference. It’s perfect for tourists who are planning to take a short vacation or fly out of the state or country for some days. This is because this type of insurance is made to take care of travel issues as well as a very limited scope of health issues. For one, it can ensure that travelers enjoy a measure of protection against plane ticket cancellations and in case they lose their luggage or personal belongings during transit.

However, it may fall short when it comes to providing help in times of medical emergencies. This is because travel insurance can only cover short-term emergency medical treatment. Once he is stable enough to do so, the traveler goes home and continues the treatment there; at which point, the travel insurance stops covering the traveler’s health expenses.

Global Health Insurance

Global Health Insurance

Global health insurance, like the package offered by Now Health International, is designed to accommodate the healthcare needs of those staying or even living abroad for extended amounts of time. This makes this particular kind of insurance perfect for exchange students, frequent travelers, and foreign professionals, especially those who have to manage pre-existing conditions with regular checkups and prescription medicine.

Unlike travel insurance, international insurance covers emergency as well as routine healthcare, such as regular checkups and dental appointments. It provides its beneficiaries not only the best level of healthcare wherever they may go, but also the freedom to choose their treatment facility and doctor. This allows them to not be confined by public healthcare standards or by the constraints of their own budget when it comes to their healthcare.

Looking at both types of insurance, we can see that while they do have similarities, their purposes and coverage are drastically different.

Which type of insurance should you take?

health insurance

The answer to this question depends on how long you are going to stay abroad and how often you need or want to travel.

If you currently reside in your country of birth and your travels abroad are mainly confined to occasional trips involving short periods of stay, then travel insurance should be suited for you. This type of insurance will cover you in terms of medical emergencies and it will also protect you against the usual pitfalls of travel, such as stolen luggage and travel cancellations.

If you plan on staying in a foreign country for an extended period of time, or if your job or lifestyle dictates that you travel constantly with no set schedule, then global health insurance is for you. Global health insurance covers all your medical needs, both emergency and routine, wherever you go.

Whenever you are traveling abroad, make certain that you have safety nets in place and that you can get the medical insurance that’s tailor-fitted to your needs. Preparing this before you leave ensures that you can access the right level of support even when you’re far from home.

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