Go Fish: Discover the UK’s Most Picturesque Fishing Spots

From the rolling hills and green countryside of Yorkshire to the historic castles of Northern Island, the United Kingdom is home to some of the most awe-inspiring beauty spots in the world. If your local fishing spot as become a bit of a ‘wet fish’, then why not grab a rod and a good pair of boots and see what the rest of the UK has to offer? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie fisherman, you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate the stunning scenery and breath-taking landscape of the UK. Fishing is fun for all the family, get the kids involved with this junior rod from The Fishing Hut which is perfect for the aspiring angler! Here are our top hidden gems on your doorstep:

Langammarch Wells, Wales

Renowned for its salmon, trout and grayling, the river Ifron is a firm favourite with anglers. Running through the stunning village of Langammarch Wells, the river weaves its way through the quiet bliss of the Welsh countryside. Complete with walking trails, luxury hotels and spas, Langammarch Wells is much, much more than just a sleepy fishing village.

Chesil Beach, Dorset


The famous beach is home to a wide variety of fish who become abundant in the warm temperatures of July and August. The long stretch of unblemished land makes for a relaxing spot to enjoy the beauty of the South Coast. Alongside the usual challenges of sea fishing, beware of strong currents that may be perilous for young or inexperienced anglers.

Sutherland, Scotland

Perfect in its isolated glory, the picturesque valleys and streams of Sutherland have long been popular with anglers and travellers from across the globe. Take a tent and make camp by a Loch to enjoy Scotland’s scenery at its finest, or head back to the comfort of one of the many traditional highland hotels scattered across the hills. This area is particularly renowned for its scores of trout.


Lough Erne, Northern Ireland

Situated in the Fermanagh Lakelands, Lough Erne is a fishing spot famous for its maze of channels and little islands that are dotted across the lakes. This habitat makes it ideal for brown trout and pikes. Stay at one the luxurious riverside hotels that line the banks of this wonderful location.

Make sure you stock up on your tackle before heading out into the wilderness and double check licencing laws as these could differ per region.

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