Great travel destinations for ageing people

Growing in age means growing in experience and the most amount of experience is gained by travelling to places. Ageing is a process that takes time and something that imparts you enough of free time. And travelling as we all   know needs time. There are certain parameters that are associated with travelers at large and ageing travelers specifically. What itinerary you have in mind matters least, but your accommodations has to be elder-friendly with easy access. Your place of stay should be near to comfortable public transportation system and your room on the ground on the ground floor. With age endurance levels do come down so limiting your itinerary is a good idea and stopping for frequent breaks in comfortable places as restaurants, cafes or other places of your interest. Also thoroughly go through your medical insurance because at this stage you may need it at any time.



If you are men of festivities your must visit destination is to be Germany as it offers festivities whole of the year. It’s easy to navigate as it has excellent roads and travel system so pleasant for the elderly to travel. The travel is well on time and hassle free, as getting struck in the middle of a traffic jam is rare, thus boosting the comfort factor especially for the veterans. Good markets and fine cuisine also gives you a better feel. It is a travel destination for all ages though but has something special to offer for the elderly visitors.



Historically yours! If you do possess a certain degree of fascination for history as most veterans do then Italy is made for you. The places with majestic history are as abundant here as the historical importance of these places. If “See Rome and Die” is still fresh in your memory then it would surely be an important factor that would make you visit this wonderful capital of the said country. It also holds the honor of housing various landmarks widely known for their beauty and of course history.  Array of religious landmarks also caters to your religious temperament if you have any!



A popular destination for tourists of all ages Spain one of Europe’s biggest countries holds special interest for older travelers. The great culture is such that it befriends you the moment you step in this historic land. The natural beauty along with good infrastructure adds to the charm of travelling. Visitors are left spellbound by the perfect mixture of culture and natural beauty.  A very well connected destination form the rest of Europe, a chunk also speaks English here.



This Asian nation holds a great deal of attraction from the tourists travelling from all across the globe including the elderly ones too. The climate is warm the year around and so are the people. Another queer mixture of great natural beauty coupled with a great cultural heritage as well. The beaches are great if not the best in the world and food is even greater. There is such a great variety of cuisines on offer that you are in serious danger of harming your appetite. The massage parlors cater to your health requirements.  Overall, you are sure to love this “Land of Smiles” for sure.

Houses of Parliament at Night

Great Britain

There are many reasons to travel to this great country as a great seat of culture, heritage and civilization. The cities here have to offer English-language Theater, films and lectures that may hold interest to the veteran looking to travel to the GB.


Here are listed few of the most well known as well as most exotic and travel destination for the elderly. Be spoiled for choice and do not forget to avail special discounts available for the senior citizens in many restaurants, airlines and other modes of travel!

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