Guide to Saving Money On Your Next Disneyland Trip

Saving Money On Your Next Disneyland Trip

How much do you spend on vacations? If you’re like the average American family, then you spend about $8,000 each year going on vacation to places like Disneyland, New York City, and Disney World. However, all that money spent on travel and fun can really add up, leaving your family feeling as though it’s not as financially secure as it used to be. In this blog post, I’ll show you how to save money on your next trip to Disneyland.

1. Save by Planning Ahead


One of the best ways to save money when you’re at Disneyland is to just plan ahead. Don’t wait until you get there and then decide that it would be nice to spend a day at Disney California Adventure Park, or maybe take in a 3D movie. Get your tickets ahead of time so you know exactly what it will cost you, and decide which days each member of your family would like to go. That way, when you get there, you can start enjoying it right away without worrying about whether or not everyone in your group has fun. This also saves you from doing too much research once you’re there—and before long, people may start bickering about which rides they want to go on and how much they want to spend.

2. Save by Staying Offsite

Saving money is always a good idea, and there are several ways to cut costs when visiting Disneyland. One great way to save money is by staying at an offsite hotel. Instead of paying for a Disney-branded room, save money by booking a hotel further away from Walt Disney World. If you have your heart set on staying at a Disney-owned property, book as far in advance as possible to take advantage of the special discounts that hotels offer if rooms aren’t booked up all year long. Avoiding peak travel times is also a good strategy for saving money – especially during summer vacations and holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas – since hotels raise their prices during those times.

3. Save While at Disneyland

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​​One of our favorite ways to save money at Disneyland is by planning ahead. It’s easy to find coupon codes online, but our favorite way to do it is by using an app called Disney Mobile Magic (free for iOS and Android). After downloading it, you can sign up with your information and receive coupons in real-time when you get close to a park entrance. For example, we received a coupon for BOGO (buy one, get one) all-you-can-eat popcorn upon entering Disney California Adventure recently. The best part: You can redeem them at any counter or cart in either park! They also have ride and restaurant discounts. And it’s not just limited to Orlando; there are discounts available worldwide.

Another way to save money while at the amusement park is to purchase souvenirs outside of the park that you can take with you such as mouse ears or princess dresses by Presley Couture, Disney-themed water bottles, and even your own food or snacks. When bringing food, be aware that you must bring it in a soft-sided cooler.

When planning a trip to Disneyland, it’s easy to get caught up in all of the attractions and rides, but don’t forget to make time for some downtime. It’s good for you and will help you appreciate your visit even more.

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