HangBoarding: Hang gliding, snowboarding and biking all-in-one

Mix hang gliding, snowboarding and mountain biking – what do you get?

HangBoarding.  The coolest new winter sport is here and it brings together the best three high-energy adventure sports into one: hang gliding, snowboarding and mountain biking, and yet it’s something completely different all at once. notes, “Attendance at mountain resorts has been declining for the past few years and the snow sports industry is begging for something new. HangBoarding is that revolution.”

So, how do you “hangboard”?

It begins with a snowboard and the HangBoard rig.

Near the back of snowboard is a suspension bar holding the harness that you’re strapped into – horizontally – to the snowboard.  At the front of the board is a set of bike-like handlebars that you hold onto for dear life.  

Falling off the back edge of the snowboard is a set of rudders controlled by your feet to control your basic direction while body weight helps you carve or gain momentum.

That’s when you spread your arms out and fly down the mountain.

Check it out:

HangboardingWhere can I get a HangBoard? Where can i go to HangBoard?

The first hang board was tested in 2002 and in the past few years, the design has evolved and improved.  HangBoards are not yet available, but they have been steadily promoted at ski destinations in British Columbia and Washington State, through a series of demos and trails.  At the moments, patents are pending in Canada, the United States, Japan, China, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  

Where can you go to HangBoard?  The HangBoard team is continually working with ski resorts and administration entities to ensure that the HangBoard falls within mountain safety regulations so that HangBoarding will be allowed in ski resorts and mountains all over the world.

Until then, visit: for more information, news and updates!

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