Have you heard about the Santa Catalina Island?

Catalina Island is a small and beautiful island in the Pacific Ocean. It is off the coast of Los Angeles and it is around, 22 miles away from the city of Los Angeles, California. The relatively isolated location of the island makes it the perfect place for a holiday. The island is called Santa Catalina but for all practical purposes, people call it as Catalina Island. If you are planning for a small get away from your regular and routine life, this is the best place.

It is not within the continent of United States of America and at the same time not far away like Hawaii. This is a small trip which you can make in a day and you don’t need to spend a lot of money also. This is why it is becoming more and more famous among the people who are travelling for holidays. The island offers many attractions to the people who are visiting here.

Firstly, the flora and fauna of the island is unique to a certain degree. The animals in the island like Bison are some of the best to watch. Moreover, there are a wide range of tourist attraction in the island like the snorkelling and diving camps. If you want to go snorkelling with your family, then this is the perfect place.

SCUBA diving is another important attraction in the island. Every year, many people visit the island for the rich diving experiences that one can gain from the island. The island has only a few transport options. There are ferries connecting the island with the mainland.

Other than that there are also some flights that connect the airport with the Los Angeles. There is also a reserve in this island and hence much of the island is protected. However, you can still find good places to stay in the island. There are some good hotels in Santa Catalina. You can also find packages for your stay in the island.

Book the best accommodation in Catalina islands as soon as possible

If you want to find the best Hotels in Catalina Island, you do not have to worry about it since you can get the information easily online. These hotels have almost all the facilities that you need. The beach view hotels and rooms are some of the most sought after in the island. There are also VIP rooms and lounges for you.

Whatever be the luxury that you want, these hotels can give you the same. There are also special rooms for the couples who have come here for the retreat. However, the demand for these rooms is very high and as a result all the facilities get booked, well in advance.

So, if you are planning to visit the island, make sure that you have made all your bookings and reservations at least a few months prior to your actual date of travel. In today’s technologically driven world, you can make all the reservations and even pay for the same through the internet itself. This is the best way to book your stay in Santa Catalina.

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