How To Make The Best Of Travel Photos


With a great SLR camera, what comes to mind is traveling and taking the most beautiful photos. With such an amazing camera, the next best thing that comes to mind is capturing every single moment and item. So you have all the amazing photos and you are back home with a whole lot of them, what do you do next? There is more fun to do with these photos, than just saving them on your computer. Here is a look at some of the ways you would utilize those amazing photos you took while on vacation.

1. Share them online

One of the best places to share your photos is Facebook, which is non-invasive and quite interactive. It is free to use and you can tag all the friends or memories that relate to that photo. Friends can comment and share those photos too. You can upload as many photos as you wish and you will be sure of having much fun with them.

You can also use Flickr, which stores photos and allows you to share them with your friends. You can choose to publish the photos using a commons license, which can be used for promotions. The credit line will be sent back to you. There is also Photobucket and Picasa that allows you to store photos and edit them for free.


2. Print them

You may think that printing your photos is a waste of time and money, but there are some special moments and photos that you just wouldn’t want to forget about. You can have the special photos printed on photo paper and you will be sure of enjoying every single moment of it.

You can frame some of the photos and nail them to the wall, which will always remind you of the special memories whenever you see them

3. Create a video

You can combine all the adventurous photos that you took on your vacation and make an amazing video. You will need to have a good movie maker that can combine the photos and include a song that matches the moments. You can rely on Animotos, which is a software that runs on the clouds and will only require you to load your photos and a favorite song, then it will wrap the rest for you. Animotos has amazing effects and it makes a video that lasts for 30 seconds, which is done for free.

4. Create a slideshow

A slideshow makes the photos appear elegant, which can act like a video. You can use an online platform that lets you create a slideshow. You will need to have an account, then upload the photos and choose the stickers, animations or texts to be included in the slideshow. You can include a song and share it on Facebook. In addition, there are many editing options. You can upgrade it a 2-Year DVD account that will cost you around $50 and it will let you burn the slide show on a DVD.

5. Create a Photo Book

You can find a number of companies that deals with the development of customized photo albums. There are many options available online which offer the ability to create a digital photo book. Any good option will allow you to create the photo book and print it and have it shipped to wherever you are. A bit of research has uncovered that most will charge you about $50 for a coffee table photo book.

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