How to Pack a Suitcase in 30 Minutes for your City Break


So, you need to do some last-minute packing quick time! You’ve just grabbed yourself a last-minute city break but you don’t have much time to pack and go? Well, here are a few tips to pack a suitcase in 30 minutes and get on your way!

Use the right bag

Pick the best cabin bag that you use for your travels? Perfect for a last-minute city break! If you haven’t used your bag as carry on with the airline you are flying with before, then double check that the dimensions. You only really need hand luggage for a city break unless there’s a specific reason you should check a bag.

Plan an outfit for each day


Simple but a great idea is to make sure that you’re not leaving anything behind. This includes underwear, socks and accessories too. Check the weather in your destination to make sure you are packing the correct clothing. Moreover, remember what you will be wearing for your flight, picking the bulkiest items to wear whilst travelling will save space in your bag.

Have your toiletries ready

Travel sized or your regular sized toiletries decanted into travel-sized bottles are perfect. Make sure they are under 100ml and that all your liquids will fit into the small plastic wallet they give you at the airport. Check with your airline for the dimensions allowed. Only bring essential items to save room and check what toiletries your hotel provides too.

Use packing cubes

An amazing little invention to keep everything in your bag neat and tidy, travel packing cubes can separate your clothing making it easier to pack and unpack. For example, put your tops in one cube, your bottoms in another and your underwear in one more. Sort and pack your items easily making them ready to put straight into your bag.

Lay everything out

Put everything you want to pack on your bed. Make sure you have everything you need before putting it into your bag. Roll or fold your clothes depending on what type they are to reduce creases and get it all together. Check your outfits, toiletries, electronics (with chargers) and any other equipment you need such as plug adapters. Once you are sure you have it all, start putting it into your bag.

Keep documents in a separate folder

documents in a separate folder

To ensure you have your passport and travel documents handy, keep them all together in a folder or wallet. You’ll have more time to get to the airport if everything is together; and, you are less likely to leave an important document behind.

Do a last minute check

You don’t have to write a physical checklist unless you want to, but do go through a mental checklist before you leave. Passport? Check! Tickets? Check! By reminding yourself of what you have packed and what you need, it might jog your memory of a forgotten item.

Remember you can always pick up items whilst away


Don’t panic if you forget to pack something. You would find plenty of shops at the airport and in your destination where you can pick up forgotten things such as toiletries or clothes.

Sit back and relax. That’s it a carry-on bag packed in 30 minutes and you are ready to go. It’s easier than you think. Do you have any other travel packing tips for those who need to pack in a hurry? If you have time, leave a comment to help others just like you.

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