Huacachina Oasis – Sandboarding and Dune buggies

Located near the southern Pacific coast of Peru amidst the desert, lies the emerald lagoon of the Huacachina Oasis.

Prior to visiting the Huacachina Oasis, I had little idea of what a real Oasis was. All those years of watching cartoons led me to believe an Oasis was an illlusion of water and palm trees that quickly disappeared the moment you were close enough to drink from it. Well the cartoons got part of it right. There’s nothing stranger than seeing palm trees and a lake in the middle of a desert, but in real life, it does exist. The town of Huacachina is built around the body of water that has been dwindling each year. But luckily for the tourists, they come for the sand and not the water.

Sandboarding and Dunebuggy rides have become a popular attraction for tourists in the Huacachina Oasis area. Some people try to be cheap and only rent the sand board, which will also cheapen your experience. If you can afford it, I recommend going on a tour that includes sandboarding and dune buggy as well. The dune buggies allow you to explore areas of the dunes that normally would be difficult or nearly impossible by foot. The airtime these buggies get when bouncing off the top of dunes creates the ultimate adrenaline rush, but may be terrifying for other people. You will be amazed how far these sand dunes span, almost appearing endless.

The best part of taking the dune buggy ride option? You don’t have to climb up the sand dunes after each trip on your sandboard. You can also start from higher sand dune points which is a plus for those who have a need for speed.

The dune buggy and sandboarding packages are usually 1 – 2 hours in duration and prices start from 40 peruvian soles per person. The price will vary depending on how many people are in the buggy, the length of the ride, and quality of sand board the company uses.

When preparing for your sand dune adventure, choose your clothing and shoes carefully. They will soon be covered or filled with sand. Depending on the type of board you get, you may be lying on your stomach while sliding down on your board or riding the board like a snowboard. From the top of the dunes, it always looks scarier than it actually is. Just take the plunge, hold on to your hats and sunglasses, grab your board tightly, and enjoy the ride.

For a taste of the experience, here is a video of my Sandboarding and Dunebuggy Experience in Huacachina.


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