Hurricane preparedness for beach homes

Although owning a vacation home in coastal areas has many advantages, one of the disadvantages is being more susceptible to unpredictable weather patterns. Hurricanes can be damaging to your vacation home if the necessary preparedness measures are not taken. Here are a few things to do to secure your property before hurricane season begins.


Start with the roof. Your roof takes a serious beating from wind and water during the hurricane season. Complete a full inspection of your roof, checking for damage or regular wear and tear that will need to be fixed. If your roof needs to be replaced, have a roofing and window professional add a wind and water-resistant barrier to strengthen the roof’s ability to protect your home.

As you address any roofing issues, give the attic ventilation a quick inspection. Any water that has leaked through the roof is probably sitting in the ventilation. This can cause major water damage issues in your attic and ceiling.


If your home is near the beach, you should already have storm doors and windows installed. High-speed winds have the power to blow open locked doors, so invest in shutters to add extra protection.

Keep all belongings inside the home during hurricane season. Beach chairs, pool toys, patio furniture, yard ornaments, etc can be picked up by the wind and destroyed, and if winds are high enough they can cause damage to your home.

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Hurricanes can cause devastation and mass amounts of damage. Although they cannot be controlled or predicted, you can keep your home as safe and secure as possible by taking necessary precautionary measures such as those listed above. Keep track of weather patterns and conditions, even when you are not using your vacation home. If you rent your coastal property, be sure tenants know what to do in case of inclement weather while staying in the house.

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