Jerusalem in 24 Hours       


Even if you have only 24 hours in Jerusalem, you can still experience the best of this majestic city. Here are some great tips how to make the most of 24 hours tour in Jerusalem.

Seeing a huge city in 24 hours is a challenge. But in Jerusalem, you will be up to the task. If you stay in one of the Jerusalem hotels, be sure to savor every moment of the famous, elaborate continental breakfast that is a mainstay in Israel. Afterwards, you can hit the ground running. Here is a sample day for you enjoy while you are staying in Jerusalem.

Starting your day


Start your day in the Old City and visit ancient sites such as the Western Wall and the Temple Mount. After you have soaked up the holiness of these sites, head over to the Tunnel Tours and get a virtual view of the way the Jewish Holy Temple looked over 2000 years ago and an actual view of the excavated underground pathways underneath the Old City. On your way out of the Old City, head through the Arab Shuk in the Moslem Quarter for the exotic scents of Middle Eastern spices and handmade leather sandals. Head to Mamilla Mall for lunch and browse in the many shops along the way.

Spending the afternoon

After lunch, visit the Biblical Zoo where you will learn about and see in action many of the animals and birds mentioned in the Bible. If you still have energy and don’t need a nap at the hotel, next on the agenda is the Israel Museum. There, you will find the Dome of the Rock, which is home to the Dead Sea Scrolls and artifacts from every recorded century. Head over to the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, for a tour which you should book in advance.

What about the evenings?

Machane-YehudaWhen you’re ready for dinner and a movie, Cinema City is the place to go. Full of restaurants and a huge movie complex, you will be able to watch a film from countries such as the US, France, and Israel on the big screen, while enjoying popcorn and a fountain drink.

Once you’re ready to hit the town, take a walk to Machane Yehuda (the Jewish Shuk – marketplace) for nightlife you never dreamed you’d find there. With bars and innovatively creative restaurants, you will be delighted by how much there is to see. If you pay attention, you will notice graffiti faces you recognize on pulled down store-front gates. These celebrity paintings are a recent addition to a previously unadorned area.

And of course, end your evening walking up and down the pedestrian mall Ben Yehuda Street for some late-night frozen yogurt or listen to a street performer play a sad melody on a violin.

Feel free to stay and visit for another day so you don’t miss the sites not mentioned yet, like the Bridge of Strings, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the First Station, the Bell Park, the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood MeahShearim, and the Bloomfield Science Museum.

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