Kanye West Launches KTV Travel Website

Kanye West

First there was rapper 50 Cent‘s $400 Million dollar deal with vitamin water. Now there’s a new addition to rapper and Grammy winner Kanye West’s holding company, West Brands, LLC – Kanye Travel Ventures (KTV). Kanye West and his management team have partnered with travel industry experts and companies to negotiate and offer travel discounts on air, accommodations and car rentals.

Kanye WestAbout Kanye Travel Ventures

Fromed in July 2007 and launched on March 31, 2008, KTV is a venue as a travel program geared to meet the needs and demands of business and leisure travellers in Kanye’s international fan base. Fans will be able to get cheap airfare and travel deals while being able to track Kanye’s concerts, performances and appearances internationally.

KTV users will be able to customized trips and travel plans on the website as well as purchase Kanye West concert ticket, merchandise, book accommodations and rentals, and more.

Taking Celebrity & Travel to a New Level

Kanye WestSince the dawn of the rock star and celebrity, fans have flocked to follow their favourite bands, musicians or artists to watch them play. Music fans often head to New York City, Tokyo or London to see today’s best and upcoming acts. Groupies follow bands from city to city. Permanent concert houses are set up in Las Vegas for long standing shows (a la Celine Dion). In February 2008, John Mayer took part in the Mayercraft Cruise which featured – him – and brought hundreds of his fans from Florida to the Bahamas.

Kanye was able to launch KTV with the help of Abrams Consulting Group, a leading travel industry consultancy for over 25 yeas. KTV is set to be a prototype for other celebrity-brand driven travel programs which are targeted at unique demographics and fan bases.

Neil Abrams of Abrams Consulting notes that KTV was “designed with Kanye and his executive team, and his energy and resources have been devoted to this innovative product offering. By securing industry expertise, partnering with global reservations systems, and negotiating high-volume discounts with air, lodging and ground transportation suppliers at varied price points, West Brands has assured that the KTV travel experience will reflect Kanye’s style and approach to living.”

Kanye’s Web 2.0 Journey

Just a few months ago in February 2008, Kanye launched, a Kanye West branded internet search engine. For searches made, users would earn online “Swag Bucks,” which could be exchanged for Mr. West’s merchandise. What’s next? Kanye Gold-“Diggs”?

Check it out for yourself:

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