Krakow is the destination to appease your taste buds

Krakow, the second largest city of Poland, has turned into one of the most popular culinary tourism destinations. Krakow is not just famous for its amazing variety of food but also popular for the beautiful sights that it offers to the locals and the tourists every day. It is situated on both sides of the river Vistula or Wisla.

 Krakow Culinary tourism

The food the local people consume is savory and rich in texture and flavor. The polish people are well known for their love of food and they have a distinctive culinary style. If you are interested in culinary tourism then you should seriously consider Krakow as a good candidate to offer you culinary pleasures. A tourist interested in traveling for the sake of food should find out all he or she can about the food culture of their destination.

The polish people like to have a heavy breakfast in the morning and equally heavy dinner around 3pm to 4pm in the afternoon. They later sit for a light supper in the evening around 7 pm. They do not have lunch like people in the other countries, at least the native polish people don’t. Krakow is now used to getting tourists who are interested mainly on the local food and drinks.

The Tourism Marketing Department of Krakow has realized the prospects of culinary tourism. The Tourism Marketing Department should continue to promote the lovely food of this culinary destination to attract more foodies from around the world. As there are plenty of high quality restaurants, pubs and eateries around this city, it should not be a problem for the tourism marketers to establish it as one of the ‘food capitals’ of the world.

 Krakow heritages church

Many of the restaurants of Krakow have won a place in the prestigious and reliable Michelin Guide which offers knowledge about the best chefs and eateries. Krakow has also made its place in the list of UNESCO world heritages due to the huge number of churches and cathedrals and the rich history of the city.

If you visit Krakow, you should not try to find hotels that provide American or general continental food. Eat at special restaurants that provide a wide array of polish food and delicacies. Do not restrict yourself to places that you have found mentioned in a travel guide. You should rather visit the places recommended by the local people. There are some signature polish dishes that you should not miss on your visit to Krakow. For example, Bigos is popular among the natives of Poland and considered to be the national dish of the country.

 Globe Club / Restaurant at Hilton Garden Inn in Krakow, Poland

The dish is a rich stew made with sausages, sauerkraut and meats. Another favorite is the Flaki, which is another type of stewed dish, and Zurek is a soup made with rye, sausage and eggs. They love to eat pork and ducks. Ducks are usually roasted and made more savory with the use of different sauces.

Duck meat is presented in several different ways. They also love Pierogi, which is a polish specialty. This Polish dumpling consists of meat, cheese, potatoes or sauerkraut. Visit the main square, Tomasza, Jana, Poselska and Karmelicka for finding good eateries and unique restaurants. If you like to eat late at night then visit the kielbasa outside of the Hala Targowa.  You should try the pork knuckles dipped in honey sauce at the Galicya Restaurant.

Culinary tourism is all about experimenting and adventures. So, do not be afraid to visit the different parts of the city in search of great food. Talk with the locals and get them talking about their best food experience around the town for more insight.

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