Las Vegas equals excitement!

Las Vegas is Entertainment

There’s a reason why the saying goes, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”  There’s no better place that offers excitement, entertainment, fun and amazing food than Las Vegas. Read on to find out why Las Vegas = Excitement!

Las Vegas is entertainment capital of the world

New York, New YorkFrom the “Big Shot” thrill ride at the uniquely shaped Stratosphere hotel to the screeching roller coaster that run sup down and through the casino of the themed New York New York hotel, Las Vegas is all about excitement. Every kind of excitement imaginable, from no limit poker games to high stakes blackjack tables and big dollar slot machines, you can satisfy every fantasy in your head when you visit the Entertainment Capital of the World.

You name it Vegas has it.

Dine in restaurants headed by world renowned chefs like Emeril or Wolfgang Puck, dance next to celebrities in clubs like Jet at the Mirage, Tao at the Venetian, Pure at Caesars or XS at the fabulous Wynn Hotel or kick back in your room with new friends and old ones.

You can’t get anything like that in Houston, Miami or New York!

Vegas is like Disney for adults

Cher in VegasVegas never closes. The lights are always on and you can be the center of attention. Sunshine and fun are the reasons Las Vegas was created and the main reason it is the most talked about vacation destination in the United States.

It is the adult Disneyland. It is also a place where you can let your hair down, feel like it’s the middle of the day when its 3 a.m., revel in the fact there is no last call and wish you never had to go home.

There are no clocks in any of the casinos that stand like glittering pyramids along the Strip, there are even legal brothels within a half hour drive (they’re not legal in Las Vegas no matter what your friends back home told you), and after you toss your luggage in your room and head out on the town you won’t care what time it is.

In Vegas there is always something happening. Boredom is a word that will disappear from your vocabulary. Vegas is like an old Beach Boys song—Fun Fun Fun, only in this case Daddy never takes the T-Bird away. Catch Vegas’ hottest top headliner, Terry Fator and his amazingly witty puppets at the Mirage (7:30 p.m. except Sundays and Mondays) or the internationally acclaimed “O” show at the Bellagio but you’d better make reservations.

The incomparable Cher dances, prances and changes her glitzy costumes a hundred times a night as she succeeds in turning back time in Caesars Palace’s Colosseum. And you won’t have to spend a dime to walk through and marvel at gaming entrepreneur Steve Wynn’s newest masterpiece, the Encore Hotel, which you can enter off the strip or by hoofing it through his spectacular and aptly named Wynn Hotel.

Adult entertainment, big name headliners, extravagant luxury hotels, thrill rides, gambling, the brightest lights in the world and no inhibitions. Can anywhere but Las Vegas promise you a vacation like that?

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