When was the last time you visited a spectacular museum?

How many of you are crazy about art and architecture, and you would love to spend the evening in a museum? If you have a girlfriend who is into architectural history then we know the right place to take her for a date night. The Louvre museum private tours are the focus of the Babylon city tours and they hold about 35,000 pieces of classic art that speak about our architectural history. You have private guides who are willing to take you around the museum explaining in detail about each art that is available there. It would be one great way to spend a romantic evening.

Who knew a museum could be this interesting?

If you are there with your family, you can educate your children about the cultural history and let them look at their city with a different perspective. You can get an entry ticket and it varies with age. The best part is the ticket is valid for an entire day. If you would like to see it all again, you can certainly come back for more. The Louvre tour around the museum would take around 2 and half an hour. You will even be able to lay your eyes on the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Delacroix. One can even look at the smiling Mona Lisa. One should be able to pick the right day for this because they are closed on Tuesdays and it is better to pick a Wednesday or a Friday as the crowd will be a little less. Else it could be a little difficult to know each piece of art in detail.

Family tour

This is a massive museum and it is highly recommended for family tours. As it is highly economical, you will be able to get to know a lot from a single visit. This would prove to be really friendly and a knowledgeable tour. The guides are all exceptional, they give you the perfect introduction, and, just in case you do not want to go through all the arts, they take you and make sure you notice the highlights. Even if you seem least interested in architectural history looking at their love for those artistic pieces, you sure are to love it too. They will make sure you look at each piece of art from a different perspective and enjoy the art from within.

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