Latest trends in Global travel that are changing the market

Virtual Reality

While 2016 was a year, which was not only productive, but also disruptive, adventurous and chaotic in the Global travel market. Overcoming the various challenges the market had, it did manage to grow. Well it looks like 2017 has also been a great year for the travel industry. But, before we get to the various trends that are shaping up the market this year, first, let us have a look at the two main drivers that are actually setting the entire market.

Millennials and Technology are the main market drivers this year

Millennials and Technology

You read it right; Millennials and Technology are the main drivers in the market this year. They are really shaping the market. Technology is advancing at a drastic pace, it is providing various facilities and services to travelers and making their travel easy. Right from the interaction with travel agencies to arranging and executing the various travel plans, technology is playing a vital role.

On the other hand, the largest generation known as the Milennials is not far behind. This is the generation, which has the most number of adults, and loves to travel a lot. These are the people that are driving the travel industry to come up various kinds of services, features and facilities that people need when they are planning a vacation. The strength of these two drivers combined is not only shaping the industry, however, it is also making a change in the approach of catering to the demands and needs of people.


Rise in the need of activity packed tours and cultural and local traditional demands

learn a new culture

Travelers today are not just interested to visit the famous tourist attractions of a place, nowadays there is also the need for adventure as well as the curiosity to learn more about the local traditions and culture. Today travel has become a way to break the monotony of a person’s life. Moreover, it is also a medium that people use to experience and learn a new culture keeping in mind the local traditions.

The trends that you can watch out for this year

Now that you are aware of the main driving forces that are making the travel market in 2017, let us have a look at the trends that are actually shaping the market and catering to the demands of people.

Travelers do not go to destinations, but destinations come to them

 Virtual Reality

With the help of Virtual Reality and its various technologies, the travel industry now brings the destinations to potential travelers. This gives tourists a chance to gain the experience they are looking for even before they visit a place. Sitting at their own comfort zone, they get to know what they can expect when they plan a travel vacation to a particular destination. This strategy is presently adopted by various big names of the industry that are contributing to the growth of the industry.

Leisure and Business travel

AKA Bleisure, combined travel plans that not only caters to the official needs of a company but also to the leisure demands of a person are hitting the list of trendsetters. Each country is coming up with a variety of deals, packages and travel itineraries that combine the tow and offer people a good experience.

Food tourism is making an equal impact

Food tourism

Let us face it, no travel plan is complete without food in the picture. Well, the food tourism market is doing its part to contribute to the growth by providing a variety of dining experiences that caters to the various needs of people. Right from the traditional dishes, to foods that are globally accepted, this industry is equally working hard to ensure that travelers have a good time without going overboard on their budget.

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