If you love Kayaking,don’t miss these locations

Originally, the Eskimos made the kayaks for hunting and fishing, in fact the word means, ‘hunter’s boat’. The earlier ones were made from wood and even whale skeletonswere used for the frame. We have some amazing international kayaking destinations to fulfill your thirst for the sport.

Isles of Scilly

Isles of Scilly

Extending towards the southwestern Cornish peninsula of UK, these isles offer more than what people expect. Kayaking may be done almost perpetually because of the sheltered, shallow lagoons that are present in the interiors of these isles. Another advantage is the non-hindrance of the weather conditions in the interior parts. In good weather, kayaking in the Atlantic is pure pleasure.



Though many of the tourists may not be heading towards Thailand for kayaking, Phuket is an apt location for the sport.The inaccessible from land beaches, the limestone caves are fun to explore while kayaking. The Phang Nga Bay and Karst islands of Phuket are exciting to reach on your kayak.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park

This is the best location for sea kayaking in Costa Rica, indeed. The evergreen forests in the littoral zone, the white sand beaches, clear pristine water are spectacular sights while kayaking. Costa Rica is a preferred destination foradventure freaks because of several reasons including the fact that 11 percent of their total areas are National parks, the 635 miles of their coastline is unmatchable for kayaking. The endangered sea turtles are a treat for nature lovers at the Manuel Antonio national park, lucky ones spot them fast.

Abel Tasman National Park


The overwhelming hospitality of the Kiwis will make your trip a memorable one.Named after the discoverer of New Zealand, the Abel Tasman national park is located between the Tasman and Golden Bay. The wildlife here is simply awesome, the pictures you take back will be a talk amongst your friends. The great news is, you have nothing less than 37,000 acres to explore in your kayak. Camping on the white sand beaches will add to the thrill.

Kadavu Island

Beach Villas on small tropical island with palm trees

Speaking of kayaking and not considering Fiji as a destination will be a big miss.Fiji has an area of approximately two hundred and seventy thousand miles, ninety-seven percent of that is water. There is abundant that you can explore from the kayak, including fishing and snorkeling. The KadavuIsland is the fourth largest in the group of 300 islands in Fiji, although only about a hundred of these are inhabited.

Exploring the flora and the fauna in a kayak in unfamiliar waters will bring in the adrenaline rush. You will want to re-visit  and re-experience the adventure of kayaking in these destinations.

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