How to Make Travel a Priority in Your Financial Life


It’s easy to let life slip by without ever meeting the travel goals you have had for years. Everybody wants to go somewhere, but it’s easier to stay home. Different factors of life conspire so that we never book that hotel, buy that plane ticket. When my friends tell me they “just can’t get away”, I find that there is always a way to make it work. It may take a month or a year to prepare, but in almost every situation, you can find a way to get to the destination of your dreams. Here are the two most common reasons people find it difficult to do so.


1)    Financial. Household budgets are tight, and if people are saving big for anything, it’s college or retirement. This is a big one, but it’s possible to make it work for most people. One way is to invest more intensely and intentionally. If you need to learn about investment, take an hour a day to read about it. You can invest in many different channels: mutual funds, real estate, a business, etc. If you have money growing in several different areas, your future needs will be much more likely to be covered. This gives you peace of mind and frees you to do things like travel now. Another way is to find work that you can do while traveling. I call this the “side hustle” approach, and I’ve accomplished it by doing freelance writing. I can do my work wherever I am, as long as I have an internet connection. Even if you get away for only a week a year, if you absolutely need to keep bringing in money during that time, find a way to teach English or write or design, just something to make ends meet while you’re away. This technique can actually lengthen your stay if you get good enough at it.


2)    Family. When you are close to multiple generations of your family, it can be hard to travel. For people with children, school and sports become huge factors. Saving for college can eat up money that could otherwise be spent on a vacation. For people like this, I say, prioritize travel as a family. If it’s something you all want to do, save a sacrifice together. Have each family member promise a certain dollar amount to the pot, and set a goal for a year or two away. Save this money religiously, and get the kids excited about it. You’ll find that they will sacrifice just like you will, to go somewhere special. Sometimes the issue is harder. Family illnesses and caregiving scenarios make it difficult to get away. In a situation like this, especially if the issue is ongoing, it is important to support family, and their need to occasionally get out of town. If you have a brother or sister who looks after an old family member, donate some of your time to give them a break to travel. If you need to get away by yourself or with people you love, ask the same of a family member to help you do so.


As you can see, there is always another way you can spend the time and money that it takes to travel. But everyone who does travel finds a way to prioritize the experience. Travel is important. With these and similar techniques, you will find room in your life, time, and budget to make it happen.


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