Mandalay Bay Gets Cooler with First Ice Lounge in Vegas

It’s about to get a lot cooler in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This month at Mandalay Place, located next to Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, the very first permanent ice lounge in the United States and on the Strip will open.  Other Minus 5 Ice Lounges are also being developed in New York, Miami, Hawaii and Los Angeles.  One of the world’s most famous ice structures is the Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, as featured on’s 10 Amazing Dream Getaways in Canada.

Minus 5 Experience in SydneyThe Minus 5 Experience & Ice Lounge at Mandalay Bay in Vegas

The Minus 5 Experience (as seen to the left in Sydney, Australia) is a 2,000-square-foot sub-freezing (23 degrees Fahrenheit) ice lounge full of intricately handcrafted ice sculptures, furniture and architecture that changes shape approximately every 2 months.  Admission into the ice lounge is $30, which includes one cocktail and winter-wear.

Guests must don Minus 5-issued parkas and booties upon entrance to the lounge. Cocktails are vodka-based and served in an ice glass.  Don’t worry; if you’re interested in going just for the experience, “mocktails” are also available for kids and non-drinkers.

Minus 5 Experience in New ZealandMinus 5 will also offer ice-wedding ceremonies with colorful stained ice windows and pews, romantic ice sculptures and an ice candelabra. Brides are outfitted with an elegant white satin fur-trimmed cape to keep warm and all ceremonies are organized in conjunction with the wedding professionals from Mandalay Bay wedding department.

The Minus 5 Experience is owned and operated by the Minus 5 Group, a New Zealand-based company that operates six other Minus 5 ice lounges in three countries around the globe.

Learn more about the Minus 5 Experience.

Reservations and group arrangements can be made by emailing [email protected] or calling (702) 632-7714.

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