The Middle East Still Has the World’s Most Exciting Destinations


It’s no secret that the Middle East isn’t known as the safest or the most hospitable place in the world for travelers. The problem is, this isn’t a perfectly fair shake. While there certainly are dangers for travelers in parts of Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, there are other parts of these nations untouched by war and strife. Still other nations in the Middle East are perfectly friendly to visitors, and have cultures untouched by the religious and economic wars of the past century. We’ve got a few examples here. In each, the visitor will find gracious people, ancient cultural traditions still brimming with life, and experiences unavailable anywhere else on the globe.


Greater Kyz Kala

Iran may be a little intimidating for the Americans visiting for the first time, but if you’re willing to follow a couple of local customs, you’ll be welcomed graciously by everyone you meet. Americans must use a tour guide at all times, and should respect local customs of dress. That aside, your trip will be just as you choose, and you can get a taste of life you’ve never seen before. Ancient and modern coalesce in the mindset of the people and in the architectural landscape all throughout Iran. There are plenty of ruins and brand new modern constructions, and plenty of food from every era of the country’s history, still prepared with absolute authenticity by people devoted to their craft. Nobelcom calling cards can help you maintain communication with everyone in your life all through your stay in Iran. All in all, your trip to Iran will be affordable, and will give you a glimpse at a culture not usually accessible to the typical Western traveler.


Young woman going to Dead Sea, Israel

Though Jordan borders Syria and Iraq, Jordan’s security and public safety are top notch. Like much of the Middle East, ancient and modern coexist. Many spaces have been unchanged since their construction thousands of years ago, including Petra, one of the new Wonders of the World. You can also visit the Dead Sea, where the water is so salty that you literally can’t sink in it. Bathing in the Dead Sea is used by people seeking healing for various ailments, and is really something to try for any reason at all.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Flaunting one of the new international standards of consumer culture, this massive city is unlike any you’ll find in the west. You’ll still want to live according to local custom in the way you dress and behave, but then you’ll be able to go out and do the most exciting shopping of your life. Created to display ostentatious wealth and delight the senses of its visitors, Dubai is a remarkable place to all buy the most jaded, who probably aren’t traveling there anyway.

Massive and diverse, there is so much more to the Middle East. You’ve likely never been there, so start small in one of these safe nations. You’ll enjoy the process and learn more than you ever dreamed possible in a holiday.

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