Morocco Gets a Makeover

BeachMorocco is a coastal region located in North Africa, on the west side of the continent. It shares its borders with Algeria on the east, and Western Sahara and Mauritania on the south. On its western and northern coast, Morocco is lined by the Atlantic Ocean, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. The Strait of Gibraltar lies between and separates Morocco and Spain, and connects the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Currently, Morocco has 3,500 km’s of ocean and costal area, of which only 6 km’s are used in the city of Agadir located in the south western area of Morocco.

A few years ago, the Moroccan National Tourism Office implemented a decade-long projected called Vision 2010. The project aims to grow, build, and capitalize on Morocco’s massively unused coastal regions, so that tourist appeal of Morocco will increase. In 2005, Morocco had 5.9 million tourists, and they hope to be able to double this number to 10 million tourists by 2010.

BedroomWhile this is a giant undertaking, the Moroccan National Tourism Office has set up many micro-projects to be able to achieve this 10 million mark. This includes tripling the number of hotel rooms and beds in the country and along its coast by 3 times. This means 230,000 more beds by 2010 to better accommodate tourists from all over the world.

Along the next few years, 6 new community style resorts will be completed along the Morocco’s coasts. In late 2007 to 2008, the first of these resorts will open its first hotel by Barcelo Hotels in Saïdia, and later in 2008, Iberostar will also open a new hotel resort in the city of Saïdia. Saïdia is located in northern Morocco and it is a Mediterranean seaside resort area, perfect for attracting European vacationers looking for a Mediterranean beach setting.

Plans for the future also include more golf courses as well as a marina that has a Moroccan flair. In the past few years, the city of Marrakech has become increasingly popular with celebrities and tourists, because of its clubs, casinos, restaurants, and night life. For more of a historical city, visit Fez (sometimes Fes), which is one of the world’s biggest car-free urban centres, and which contains walls built in the late 8th century. Fez is also the third largest city in Morocco, next to Casablanca and Rabat.

From untouched sandy shores, to great food, and history, Morocco’s Vision 2010 and the future of Morocco’s tourism industry is indeed promising. Why not mull over Morocco for your next vacation escape, for a taste of Northern Africa with a dash of Mediterranean flavour.


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