Mountain Climbing for Beginners: All You Need to Know

Mountain Climbing for Beginners

A successful ascent to the summit is an opportunity to rise above the clouds, take a bird’s eye view of the Earth, and get a taste of victory. Mountains beckon lovers of thrills, adventure and hiking romance. Each year thousands of climbers head for the snow-covered peaks. Those wishing to climb Everest at over 7,000m stand in queues. They wait for hours in the freezing cold and rough seas of the narrow footpaths to reach their cherished goals. To make the ascent to the 8000m, you need to practice on the smaller peaks.

Who to hike with

Easy and successful mountain climbing for beginners in Russia is organized by hiking and climbing clubs and leading tour operators. Hikes are accompanied by experienced instructors, in accordance with safety rules.

Professionals will offer low and proven mountains to climb for beginners. There are variants of hikes that will be within the reach even of children or people with average physical shape. These routes are full of impressions and fun, and the likelihood of accidents is minimized. Lovers of adventure get just a burst of energy and a charge of positivity.

Short and uncomplicated ascent to the mountains – it’s always exciting. Such an adventure will be remembered for a long time and can be the beginning of serious mountaineering lessons or just a pleasant hobby and a way to spend your vacation interesting.

Basic rules for ascent to the mountain

When preparing for a hike it is worth remembering the winged phrase that every line of the instructions on safety is written in blood. To travel without problems and injuries, you need to know the main requirements for mountain hiking. Here are the main ones.

To climb the mountain you need to prepare physically. People who are in good shape and regularly engaged in the gym, start training for 3 months before the hike. Others may need more time. It is worth paying attention to endurance, to develop the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Recommended sports:

  • running
  • swimming
  • cardio training
  • bicycle rides.

During physical activity, you should monitor your heart rate. A week before you go out on the route, you need to rest.

You should not start climbing without motivation, the appropriate mood. In a few months you need to get used to the idea of a hike, set a goal to win at all costs.


To conquer the top of the mountain, you need acclimatization. Mountaineers actively use the “sawtooth” method. It consists of making ascents to the summit during the day and descending to the camp for the night. Every day the altitude increases and the body gradually becomes accustomed to the lower pressure and thin air of the mountains, reducing the likelihood of mountain sickness.

Travelers climbing mountains need the right gear for a fast and successful ascent. Beginner climbers can rent it. The exact list of everything you need is worth checking with the instructor before the hike, so as not to collect unnecessary items that increase the weight of the backpack. The number of personal belongings is reduced to a minimum. Depending on the complexity of the route, it is necessary to have with them:

  • trekking poles, crampons and ice axes
  • carabiners and harnesses with whiskers insurance
  • avalanche gear
  • tent
  • burner, kettle, thermos
  • sleeping bag
  • flashlight
  • two sets of thermal underwear
  • waterproof pants and jacket, down jacket
  • socks, gloves, hat, bandana
  • trekking and mountaineering boots
  • sunglasses
  • first aid kit and sunscreen.

The exact list of necessary equipment is worth checking with the instructor before the hike, so as not to collect unnecessary things that increase the weight of the backpack.

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