Orissa, India: Step Back in Time with Tribal Civ Travel

Orissa Temples

Set in the remotest corner of the country, the state of Orissa is an integral part of history with context to India. From warriors to artisans Orissa has them all. Nature has showered its bounty on the state of Orissa with untrammelled joy.

This state abounds in meadows, forests, beaches, mangroves, waterfalls, terraced valleys and darting springs. This land of abundance is home to Orissa‘s vast tribal population. A real paradise for the nature-lover, Orissa offers an additional benefit to the visitor of first hand meeting with its ancient civilization.

People on the moveOrissa, India’s Tribal Civilizations

Today when the world has advanced to such modern technologies, you can still find primitives who would otherwise pass for 11th century inhabitants of the world and it is this primitiveness that we can explore and enjoy to learn about our past and try to understand whether we really need all this modernization in us.

Orissa has the largest variety of tribal communities, which are at various stages of socio-economic development. At one extreme are the group which lead a relatively secluded and archaic mode of life, keeping their core culture intact, while at the other extreme there are communities which are indistinguishable from the general agricultural communities. The tribal people express their cultural identity and distinctiveness in their social organization, language, rituals and festivals and also in their dress, ornaments, art and craft.

Each type has a distinct style of life which could be best understood in the paradigm of nature, man and spirit complex, that is, on the basis of relationship with nature, fellow men and the supernatural.

AnimalsA Different Kind of Eco-Tourism with Priya Travel

Seeing is believing, you need to come to see this place to believe in the wonders of nature, both human and landscape and it is worth all the while because with Priya Travel Solutions, you will certainly be left with a life time of memory about this beautiful place called Orissa.

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