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I have been in the travel business for 15 years and I am often asked about the best times to travel to the Caribbean. My personal opinion is: between the end of Thanksgiving thru December 19. The weather is great, the prices (especially this year) are low and the resorts are not crowded.

If you are parents of kids under 6, this could be perfect. However, for those of us who can’t take our children out of school, we will have to deal with the extra expense of holiday travel, the long lines and crowded pools – or do we?

As all of the deals pass my desk, I look for value and pick the best ones to share with my readers. I have NEVER seen prices this low for winter holidays and holiday travel. Holiday travel is usually is 3-4 times the regular rate, but this year, travel is being sold at regular price or or even lower. If you still have your travel budget put aside – use it now and take advantage of these deals – because I have never seen rates like these before!

Great ideas for Christmas + holiday family travel

When thinking about family vacations, the first thing that comes to mind is Club Med. The last time I was there, we still had to pay for drinks, but now it is truly all inclusive – drinks, sports, you name it – all are included in the vacation cost. There are many resorts through out the Caribbean that I can recommend for families, but we will focus on Club Med right now, as their prices are phenomenal for the experience and memories the entire family will come home with.

If you do not feel like reading all of my descriptions – then I’ll get straight to the deal.  The best rates can be had from now until December 19, however any travel this holiday season will be a great deal.

The basic deal is: 3 nights from $250 per person, 4 nights from $300 per person, 5 nights from $350 per person – the catch is that this is based on a room occupancy of 4. If you have less, it will be a little bit more – but it’s still a phenomenal price.

Once you read below about all that you are getting for about $70 per adult per day, you will realize that it might just cost even more to stay at home! Yes, everything from your food, drinks, activities, room and fun is all included in this one price. Also, with the exception of Sandpiper, located in Florida, Club Meds are also known to be located on some of the best beaches in the world.

Why Club Med for your family vacation this year?

Enjoying a swimFrom Kids Clubs to Baby Zones and events for Teens/Tweens, Club Med has options and staff to keep children entertained and having fun while you can relax on the beach. 

Baby Zone (4-23 months): There is no day care for babies under two; however, when you make your reservation, you can inform the staff and hey will set you up with a “baby zone” including crib, changing table and all the comforts of home with a small baby.

The Baby Restaurant. Adapted to the nutritional needs of children, the meals are created by a team of specialist chefs from the Baby Restaurant. This Baby Restaurant is located in the Baby Club Med At the Baby Restaurant, the staff take care of the babies during lunch but parents can also share this time with their child(ren) if they wish.

Children ages 2-4 can utilize the “Petit Club Med,” a parents’ dream daycare center, though with an extra fee. For kids 4-10 years old, there’s “Mini Club Med.” This is where if gets really fun and different! This club and all others are included in the basic price. The children are divided up into their age groups and given a plethora of activities to choose from whether it is learning how to sail, flying trapeze, and crafts are playing in the Kids only pool. The staff is dedicated and will teach the children new skills for sports, circus, crafts, etc..

Tweens & Teens: In my former life as a travel agent – these are the ones who had the most fun at Club Med. The activities are perfect for each age group ranging from water sports, learning how to be a DJ and mix, hip hop dancing, hang out rooms, teen-only activities at night and more!  There is even a theatre class where children can perform at the end of the week. These kids have a blast and the beauty is you don’t have to worry about them as they are always somewhere on the property and there is always staff around to keep an eye on them.

Club Meds Best for Families that are part of this great deal

Sandpiper, FloridaSandpiper, Florida: Located in Florida, a bit North of Palm Beach is easy to get to and once you are there, you’ll be in complete vacation mode. This Club Med has all the kids clubs from babies to teens. Sandpiper is a great, inexpensive short family getaway. Even though you are still in the States, you will  feel like you are away from it all. There are special family rooms, a kids’ room, an adults’ room, golf for the adults, five swimming pools and more.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic: All the rooms at the Club Med Punta Cana resort are large suite-like rooms with different sizes available depending on the family size. It is a newly renovated resort with a long private beach bordered by palm trees. Circus school for the little ones, flying trapeze or fitness for adults. From babies of 4 months (at Baby Club Med® – extra charge) to teens, a club devoted to every age. Relax in the sun by the pool or through massages and treatments at the Club Med Spa (extra charge for spa).

Cancun, MexicoCancun, Mexico: This used to be a run down Club Med for singles – but not anymore! As the newest upscale discovery resort, Cancun Yucatan offers something decidedly different. Enjoy a free excursion and discover the wonders of the Yucatan Peninsula with your family.They offer luxurious Jade Suites, with an exclusive bar, concierge, room service and other upgraded amenities. Let your teens and tweens hang out at their very own clubhouse while you take a cooking class. Enjoy an evening Mini Club MedTM performance, where your 4 year old presents a folklore dance on stage. Discover new cosmopolitan flavors at any of the three innovative restaurants at your own speed.

Ixtapa, Mexico: On the west coast of Mexico, Ixtapa is easier to get to if you are on the southcoast or the westcoast.  This is the newest member of the Club Med family. Facing the Pacific Ocean with its elegant architectural hacienda style, you’ll come to experience in Ixtapa, “the happiness of having a taste of everything.”

In summary, if you want a different kind of family getaway where you know the kids will have fun and you’ll relax and try new sports, be sure to take advantage of this sale before all the rates go up again. Whether it is a 3-day weekend from $250pp or a week-long vacation from $350pp, take advantage of these incredible prices and you’ll see the savings! 

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