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Perfect Thai Honeymoon: Exotic Luxury in Bangkok and Chiang Mai

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There are many romantic destinations in Thailand that are perfect for honeymoons. The landscape itself: from the forested hills of the north to the picture book islands of the Andaman Sea – are all imbued with an exotic romance. Add to this some of the best hotels in the world, fine dining and hundreds of years of Thai hospitality and you have the perfect recipe for love.

Bangkok TempleA Journey through Thailand: Luxury, Exotic Sights & Spiritualism

Your journey starts in the ever-changing city of Bangkok where history and the modern world collide in an explosion of eastern colour. From your luxurious hotel by the Chao Phraya River, you can watch the boats and people go about their business: a way of life that survives from when Bangkok was known a Venice of the east. You get the chance take a longtail boat and explore the network of canals where people still live, shop and work as they have for generations.

If you have not seen the city’s magnificent temples you have not seen Bangkok. Indeed the writer Somerset Maugham claimed that they were unlike anything in the world. You’ll explore two of the most stunning examples at the Grand Palace, home to the holiest Buddha image in Thailand, and Wat Po, the spiritual home of Thai massage. In the evenings you and your partner can experience all the after-dark delights this sultry city has to offer.

Travelling north you can experience the small-town atmosphere of Thailand’s second city, Chiang Mai. Explore the hills aboard that great symbol of Thailand, the mighty elephant, and take a bamboo raft for two on a river that winds through the hills. Visit the region’s hilltribes, bargain over ethnic souvenirs and even have your new marriage blessed in a traditional Buddhist ceremony.

Koh Lanta After the hills of the north you fly to the tropical islands of the south. The island of Koh Lanta seems custom made for lovers. Boasting powder soft beaches, lush tropical jungle and warm clear seas it is the jewel of the Andaman sea. At the Pinlamai resort you can even enjoy your own pool villa and spend your evenings swimming under the stars of a Siamese sky.

On your return to Bangkok you spend some time at the heart of this city that never seems to sleep. You can explore the markets picking up souvenirs, dine out at some Asia’s best restaurants and soak in ambience of the city of angels.

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