Photo of the Day

Daily Photo: Junkanoo

Junkanoo is a type of street parade in The Bahamas.  There’s annual events that happen every Boxing Day and New Year’s Day, but there are also smaller versions that occur throughout the year on various Bahamian islands.  This Junkanoo happens weekly at the Sandals Emerald Bay in Exuma.


Daily Photo: Atlantis

For every kid who’s dreamt of mythical creatures, far-off lands and ancient ruins, Atlantis is the realization of those dreams.  Of course, the real Lost City of Atlantis is unfortunately still lost.  But there is a worthy substitute and it’s in the Bahamas.

Daily Photo: Sandals Emerald Bay, Exuma, The Bahamas

The beach at Sandals Emerald Bay is one of those perfect beaches.  You know the ones.  Soft, white, powdery sand. Clear, gentle water.  The beaches and water in the Exumas are like this in general, but not all the beaches in the Exumas come with a butler who will deliver anything you want if you call them on the butler phone (no joke).

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