Most picturesque byways of the world that you must visit

Many travelers leave home not to visit a particular destination but to journey through the never-ending paths of the world. The journeys are sometimes much better than the pleasures offered by a particular destination. That is why many modern travelers are choosing road trips and hitchhiking instead of humdrum beach or hill vacations. They travel for days on the different roads of a region, exploring it non-stop and enjoying the natural splendor of that part of the world.

 Nebo Loop

Explorers and road trippers often like to find new tracks and paths. In their search for natural beauty that no one has behold before they find scenic byways full of wonders. There are many wonderful byways around the world ready to be explored by you. In this article, you will find information about some of the most amazing byways to satisfy your wanderlust.


Route 66:

There are hundreds of beautiful byways around the world but none of them is as popular as the Route 66. When we put the two words road trip and byways together the first name that pops up in our mind is that of Route 66. It is also one of the most iconic roads of America. A ride on this byway will take you through the most beautiful countryside of America. You can stop at the quaint little towns and soak in the local culture. This byway is 1400 miles long. The people who traveled on this road tell that it brings out the explorer inside you and instigates your adventurous streak. You should have at least 2-3 days for properly exploring the wonderful places along the byway.

 Florida Keys Scenic Highway

Florida Keys Scenic Highway:

The Florida Keys Scenic Highway is another great road waiting to be explored by willing travelers and wanderers. Laid by the side of beautiful and dazzling aquamarine sea, it offers scenic views and a strange feeling of freedom to the travelers. The thick and green mangrove forests soothe the weary eyes of travelers. Florida Keys Highway is spread from Key Largo to Key West. If you are fond of fishing then do stop at Islamorada for fishing in the afternoon. Visit the Bahia Honda State Park to enjoy the soft sand and shades of palm trees. The seven-mile long bridge over stunning green and blue waters will take away all your mental stress and make you more than happy.

 Nebo Loopds

Nebo Loop:

The Nebo Loop byway is just 37 miles long but the journey through it can be memorable. This byway goes through the Uinta National Forest located in Utah. The lovely and colorful rocks seen by the side of the roads make the journey interesting. You may stop the car and hike a little to reach the Devil’s Kitchen.


Great Lakes Seaway Trail:

The Great Lakes Seaway Trail is only one of its kind byways that you must drive through. You will be traveling by the side of waterfalls, lighthouse and through islands. The 500 miles long byway will take you from the Great Lake region to city of New York. You may stop your car at a convenient spot and behold the spectacular Niagara Falls.

 Chinook Scenic Byway

Chinook Scenic Byway:

The Chinook Scenic Byway has gone through mountains and valleys. It is full of twists, turns and surprises. After passing the rocky mountain ridges, you will travel through beautiful valleys decorated with flowers. It is only 85 miles long but very interesting, especially for hikers and bikers.


There are numerous beautiful byways around the world. People who cannot neglect the call of nature love to travel through these scenic byways for days.

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