Plan your eco-vacation to the archipelago of Indonesia and enjoy the biodiversity

Ecotourism is developing steadily in Indonesia. This archipelago is full of splendid promises of unforgettable adventures. The rich marine eco-system lets the tourists enjoy the sight of different types of sea animals and plants. There is no dearth of exciting marine activities and sports in this region of the world and you will not have to bear one dull moment while you are here.

archipelago of Indonesia consisting of around 17,500 islands

The archipelago of Indonesia consisting of around 17,500 islands is often referred to as the ‘string of pearls’ of the Pacific Ocean. Each of the small and big islands of the archipelago has beautiful mangrove forests, swamps, and stunning marine biodiversity that you will not find anywhere else. Tourists should visit the coral reefs and sea grass while they are here and try not to miss the water activities.

The tourism culture in Indonesia is developing quite fast and the people from the world are flocking to the quaint islands to spend playful yet peaceful holidays amidst natural surroundings. The local people of Indonesia are dependent on the marine and other sorts of ecosystems directly for their livelihood.

There are some events and festivals organized by natives of Indonesia to celebrate the biodiversity of the archipelago and attract tourists to the islands. For example, the ‘Sail Through the Islands’, ‘Bali Surfing’, and yacht racing are some of the most interesting events held regularly throughout this archipelago for getting tourists. The local cultural performances and water sports also help in raising international awareness about the biodiversity and natural treasure of Indonesia.

 banana boat , Indonesia_1

Numerous lakes and rivers in Indonesia flow into the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean. The picturesque beauty offered by the turquoise water is incomparable because its exquisite beauty is unmatched and unique. If you are into water and adventure sports then do not let the opportunity of riding the banana boat go from your hands. You can also enjoy rafting through the rapids of Alas River, which is white in color.

There are several exotic luxury resorts in the Umang Island where you can relish some beach side fun. Go to the Sulawesi Island if you are into trekking and rafting. The Lairiang River is the longest river of this island and offers great rafting experience to both the pro and novice rafters.

Visit Paradiso resort where the rich beauty of Indonesia manifests itself in four different isles. Countless activities in Indonesia are based on the marine diversity and natural splendor. With such great biodiversity and natural beauty, Indonesia can soon become one of the top ecotourism destinations of our world.

 Mingan Archipelago National Park

The marine annual events held in Indonesia consist of many different events that attract people of different background and age group. Teenage and Youth Cross Country Sailing event helps the scouts and teens are acquainted with the local biodiversity and inspire them to protect the natural surroundings.

Civic and social mission programs are also a part of these annual events. They enable the natives get medical checkups, surgeries, family planning advice, and specialized checkup. Participants from all around the world come to take part in the yacht rally. If you are a foodie, then participate in the marine food expo where you will get to taste some of the best local seafood dishes.

Recently, the forest moratorium has been extended in Indonesia so that the corporations can be stopped from cutting down trees from the protected areas. Many other measures are being taken in Indonesia for protecting the native forests and marine biodiversity. Development of eco-tourism can promote nature preservation.

Indonesia is a wonderful archipelago full of natural splendor and beauty. The marine diversity of the islands is exquisite and there is no dearth of water activities and sports for enthusiastic tourists.

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