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Walking in Waikiki: Renewing The Magic in Waikiki

Walking in Waikiki is a column written by Cloudia Charters, a local Waikiki resident. In the bi-weekly column, she takes you through the streets of beautiful Waikiki and paints a picture of what’s up and coming. Read the latest: Renewing the Magic!

Best Gay & Lesbian Friendly Travel Destinations in the World

In the spirit of Pride Week in Toronto – one of the largest organized Gay Pride festivals in the world – decided to bring you around the world to 15 of the Top Gay and Lesbian Friendly Travel Destinations in the World – through photos!

Uncovering the Best of Cuba

The best of Cuba: from Che Guevara to resorts, cigars, rum, authentic cuban mojitos, white sandy beaches, Havana and Hemingway, town of Trinidad and other things you need to try and places to see when you’re visiting!

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