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Save the Polar Bears From Global Warming Before 2050 Extinction

Today, we look at one of Earth’s most magnificent and majestic creatures, the Polar Bear, native to the Arctic Ocean and northern seas. In recent years, the polar bear has been upgraded as a vulnerable and at-risk species due primary to global warming and climate change, contaminants by oil and gas exploration, as well as hunting.

It has been reported by organizations like the World Wildlife Fund and National Geographic that if global warming and climate change continue at its current rate, by the year 2050, 2/3rds or more of the polar bear species will be gone.

What can you do? Become aware of the issue, get others aware of the issue and click through to sign the petitions we have listed for Canadian and U.S. citizens.

Orissa, India: Step Back in Time with Tribal Civ Travel

Travel back in time in Orissa, India and you’ll be able to discover a historical India – full of warriors, artisans, ancient temples, traditional homes, beautiful colours and tribal communities that you can explore today.

A different kind of eco-tourism, where seeing is believing.

Visit the Friendship Hut: Teriya Bugu in Mali

Nearby the legendary ancient city of Timbuktu, which has long been synonymous with “a place unreachable,” the wonders of Mali never cease. In the midst of this fascinating nation, lies another prized treasure – Teriya Bugu.

The plight of Mountain Gorillas in the Congo

With the increased intensity in the war between the rebels and the Democratic Republic of Congo government forces, many of the jungles and mountains of the Congo are being taken over by violence, with ill effect for the country’s gorillas.

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