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Reef Resort, Grand Cayman Adopts Blue Iguana ‘Dragons’

Save the Grand Caymon Dragons: Blue Iguanas

The Blue Iguana is an incredible, dragon-like creature endemic to Grand Cayman. Today, man and nature have diminished 90 percent of the Blue Iguana population.

Read on to find out about booking a holiday to Grand Cayman’s Reef Resort so that you can help Adopt a Blue Iguana and help Grand Cayman’s most treasured wildlife while enjoying a great and luxurious family vacation at the same time.

Bathurst Inlet Lodge in Nunavut, Canada is Top Ecolodge in World

A remote lodge accessed only by chartered plane from Yellowknife, Bathurst Inlet Lodge is open only 5 weeks during the year at which only 20 guests can be accommodated at one time.

The remote arctic lodge facility consists primarily of historic buildings of a decommissioned Hudson’s Bay Company trading post within the tiny Inuit community of Bathurst Inlet.

So what makes Bathurst Inlet Lodge one the Best Northern Lodge by UpHere Magazine Readers? Why did Travel & Leisure Magazine named us as one of the World’s 25 Top Ecolodges? Read on to find out!

The Extinction of Snowmobiling by 2050

Study by Univ of Waterloo project that snowmobiling in non-mountainous regions of Canada will be elimited by 2050 due to climate change. Find out the stats, predictions and more!

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