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Three packing tips to increase yuletide cheer

Packing for holidays can be a difficult feat, especailly if you’re packing for the rest of the family! As you are packing, be sur to keep these three rules in mind to make your packing experience that much easier!

Ten Tips to Stretch Your Dollar in Europe

Traveling to Europe? Read about 10 tricks that can help you when traveling on holidays in Europe to help you “stretch your Euro” so you don’t break the bank when you’re on vacation.

All-Inclusive Vacations, One Size Does Not Fit All!

The old adage: ‘one size fits all’ has never applied to traveling, especially with it comes to All-Inclusive Vacations. But with the economy and costs of food and fuel today, all-inclusives never looked so good. Get the story behind all-inclusives.

7 Travel Tips When Visiting Tanzania, Africa

If you are traveling to, visiting or spending a holiday in Tanzania, Africa, be sure to read up on these 7 Travel Tips when traveling through Tanzania, Africa safaris or Kilimanjaro!

8 Tips to Save Money When Planning Your African Safari

As we all know safaris are not an inexpensive way of enjoying a holiday or vacation. So I thought it might be helpful to discuss some ways to save money when planning your safari to get the best value for your money. Read on for 8 Tips on How To Save!

The Euro: What You Need to Know & 3 Tips to Maximize your EUR

Current exchange rates make €1 Euro worth about $1.55 U.S. dollars. So, it’s important for travelers to know which European countries use the Euro, which don’t, and how to stretch their Europe holiday travel budgets. Don’t let the rising prices of fuel and state of the world get you down!

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