Real Life X-Files: Alien Sightings I Want to Believe In!

In the spirit of the new X-Files movie, I Want to Believe, is featuring destinations from around the world where alien sightings are believed to have taken place.

I Want to Believe! Earliest Alien Sightings in the Modern Day

AlienSince the late 1800’s, the new world has been intrigued, interested and even obsessed with the idea of UFO’s – otherwise known as unidentified flying objects, little green men and aliens.

However, what is not commonly known (and what Indiana Jones: The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull reminded us of) is that there has been knowledge and sightings of UFO’s since ancient times. These were recorded in cave paintings, coins, statues, and pottery from Mesopotamia, Asia, Italy, Mexico, Tanzania and Australia from up to 7,000 years ago.

Oddly enough, all these were in the United States – but, sightings have been recorded from 1940’s to 1990’s in Papua New Guinea, France, Canada, Iran, Australia, Belgium, Mexico, and many other places.

The 5 Earliest Alien Sightings in the Modern-Day World

Some of these crashes will seem as if they’re stories straight out from a weekly episode of X-Files – others are so paranormal that it’s difficult to try to figure out the truth, even if “the truth is out there.”

Crop circles, alien abductions, spaceship crafts, visitors from outer space – it’s all in here. Read on for 5 of the earliest modern-day UFO and Alien Sightings.

TombstoneApril 19, 1897 – The Aurora, Texas Crash. This was before the dawn of the Wright Brothers and airplanes. Any flying object besides birds, bee, blimp or balloon was subject to scrutiny as a UFO. On April 19, an unidentified aircraft is said to have crashed into the windmill in Aurora, Texas. The craft was destroyed but the remains of some hieroglyphics were found, as well as the remains of an alien body. The locals buried the alien in the town’s cemetery that cannot be found today. It’s thought that this could have been a military cover-up.

Read more on the Aurora, Texas UFO Incident.

Bright lights in the woods1941 – Cape Girardeau, Missouri Crash. This story was not told until Reverend William Huff’s wife was on her deathbed. In 1941, Reverend Huff had been summoned to pray over crash victims outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He was driven to woods outside of town where a huge scene was unfolding: firefighters, policemen, FBI agents and photographers. What Huff noticed, however, was the odd, disc-shaped vehicles that were in the crash, with hieroglyphic-like writings on their sides. Small hairless bodies with large heads and big eyes were the victims and he was sworn by the military to secrecy.

The Battle of Los AngelesFebruary 1942 – The Battle of Los Angeles. It’s like a scene from Will Smith’s Independence Day. Just two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor in December 1941, citizens were alert to the skies. But what sighted instead was a large UFO in Culver City and Santa Monica, California. Bright searchlights and spotlights were turned onto the UFO and firing came quickly from military aircrafts – with little damage to the UFO ship. Newspapers described it as a “surreal, hanging, magic lantern.” And then? It disappeared.

Read more about the Battle of Los Angeles.

UFO?June 24, 1947 – The Kenneth Arnold Sighting: The Beginning of the Flying Saucer. Arnold argues that while flying his private plane near Mount Rainier in Washington, he saw 9 brightly lit objects flying near Mount Adams. He says that the objects were flying at something like 1200 miles per hour from the distance they made from one mount to another. He identified them as something like a “big flat disk.”

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A model of the Roswell crash.July 1947 – The Famous Roswell UFO Crash. William W. “Mac” Brazel, a sheep rancher at Foster Ranch near Corona by Roswell, New Mexico was home at night during a thunderstorm, in which he thought he heard an explosion. The next morning while checking the livestock, him and a seven-year-old boy from next door were riding into the field. They noticed a large wreckage of an unknown shiny, metallic material that took up about 3/4’s of a mile by several hundred feet. Brazel took some of the metal to the sheriff’s and he called in the Roswell Army Air Field. The military quickly took over and secured the crash site, explaining it as the debris weather balloon.

Roswell Daily RecordLike most alien and UFO sightings, the Roswell case was muddled with various testimonial evidence, but several “facts” which are clearer than others include the fact that something out of the ordinary crashed that day, that many saw alien bodies, and that it can be assumed that there was very likely an autopsy done on at least one alien body.

Read more about the Roswell UFO Incident.

To close: it was noted that in the 1940’s, there were 800-something reported UFO sightings in newspapers throughout Canada. So the question remains: do aliens exist? Are we alone?

I want to believe!

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