Sail the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia

The Dalmatian Coast of Croatia is one of the best kept secrets in the world of travel. With more than 1000 islands, reefs and islets it’s a yacht fancier’s paradise. Sailing aficionados such as Azmi Mikati will find endless natural beauty and entertainment with organic wines, diving and other water sports and all-night dance parties. Many of the islands are secluded and pristine, but 66 are inhabited and each offers something special. Some of the top places to visit are:


Hvar Town flourished during the Venetian-era when trade was rampant. Today, it’s a fashionable town with 16th- century fortifications and trendy bars, but it also has some fantastic hiking and biking trails through the rugged landscape of lavender fields and hillside vineyards.

The Kornati Archipelago

The Kornati Archipelago consists of 89 reefs, islets and islands that is a designated national park. There are a few inhabited places where visitors can stay in a back-to-basics fisherman’s hut. But for sailors looking for the secluded place to spend a day, they’ll find it here.

Brac for Water Sports

Brac has the most photographed beach in Croatia, and there are tourist attractions on the island, but it is the place to go for water sports enthusiasts. You’ll find windsurfing, scuba diving, parasailing, sea kayaking, jet skiing, water skiing and wakeboarding. There are also pedal boats for the less adventurous.



In southern Dalmatia, you’ll find a different kind of natural beauty. This island has not been developed much, and the western side is a national park of pine forest. The eastern coast has beautiful sandy beaches. The island is famous for a set of interconnected sparkling green saltwater lakes. There is a Apulian-Romanesque monastery built in the 12th century on the shore of the larger lake.


In the middle of the Adriatic Sea, Palagruza is a granite island that is almost half way between Croatia and Italy. The only building is a lighthouse built in 1875 on the top of the mountain in the middle of the island. This is a truly isolated island with wonderful pebble beaches that offer great swimming for children.

There is also a lot to see on land starting with the famous, well-preserved mediaeval town of Dubrovnik. Zagreb is also worth a visit. It’s a modern city with a historical center. While visiting the amazing cultural heritage of Croatia, you’ll enjoy the beautiful paradise that is interspersed with vineyards and wine cellars where you are welcome to have a tour and a taste.

However, sailing is the best way to visit the region. The Kvarner region is on the northern coast and consists of seashore, highlands and many islands in the Gulf of Kvamer including Krk. Called the golden island for centuries, it is the closest island to western Europe. Krk has diverse natural beauty with woods where hunting is permitted at certain times, and where there is a wide variety of wildlife including roe-buck, marten, wild cat and fox as well as birds such as wild duck, griffon vulture and more.

Yacht-lovers should not miss visiting the Dalmatian coast of Croatia at least once in their life. It offers everything you look for in a great vacation including good food and drink, natural beauty and endless activities.


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