Scariest roller coasters that the world offers for your enjoyment

Bumpy, full of adventure and thrilling, such is a roller coaster ride. While having a ride it feels thousands of butterflies in the stomach, the fear of falling down, and the kick some people get being right there on top and then free falling. Well this happens in all the roller coaster rides around the world but there are some where you experience the same feelings but with a heightened intensity. Scroll through to find the scariest roller coasters around the world:

Kingda Ka, New Jersey

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It truly is the king of all roller coasters, as it is the tallest, reaching to a magnificent height of 139m up in the sky, which is even taller than the London Eye. Besides being the tallest, it is the fastest as well; the drop from such a whopping height is the fastest drop in the world. The roller coaster is named after a Bengal Tiger, which presents its fierceness to perfection.

Smiler, United Kingdom

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Oh my god, the name sounds so sweet but it is just a disguise. It is not sweet but a wicked roller coaster with a crazy number of loops. The thrill lovers and adventurous people would love it, but is not really a place for the faint hearted. It is the first of its kind in the entire world that has 14 loops, which are more than enough to give you a crazy ride.

The Gatekeeper, Ohio

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It is the fifth wing coaster model in the world and has seven world records in its name. It is a stomach-churning ride that is the world’s longest wing roller coaster, the fastest non-launched wing roller coaster, has a longest drop, and four other records that it has broken.

Gravity Max, Taiwan

Corkscrew rollercoaster at Drayton Manor Park. Staffordshire. En

Nestled at the Lihpao Land Discovery World, the Gravity Max it is a 114-foot tower. The ride starts slowly and takes you up there, and stops as if taking rest after such a tiring climb. Suddenly the track breaks and drops you down with high speed, and the vertical drop makes the ride even scarier. It is a tilting roller coaster, which is one of its kinds.


Every adrenaline junky loves to ride on roller coasters but the scariest roller coasters are like heaven for an adrenaline junky. Unimaginable heights, free falls, and vertical drops make these rides insanely adventurous.

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