Seven travelling tips for a great vacation

Travelling is an enriching experience by all means. Great trips need great planning for sure. Even trips to great destinations may give you nightmares, if you fail to plan for them well in advance. So follow few simple but effective tips and give your trips the extra comfort factor that would make them a great fun and a positive learning experience.


  1. Prepare a proper itinerary for the trip

Come good with a proper itinerary for the proposed trip. Be well informed about the place you are about to visit. This becomes inevitable if you are travelling with your family specially your kids. You have to cater for places of visit with accordance to the interest of all. Keeping this in mind, you have to allot the time accordingly to places like amusement parks and extra time for the rides out there. So discuss the itinerary with everyone going on the trip along with you.

  1. Prepare a list of items required for the trip

An important ingredient for a great vacation is your list of items required for the trip. So make sure that you create a list for packing well in advance. Create this list, as this would render you with a ready reference list at hand saving you the panic of forgetting things you require on the trip.

Airport Terminal and Travellers

  1. Pack Light and Pack Right

You have to pack right and pack light. So be selective in choosing things for your packing, as they should be strictly those things that you require on your trip. Avoid packing things that you do not need much and are easily available on the places you wish to visit. Expensive items if carried on tour run a great risk of being misplaced or stolen so avoid carrying them with you. Much of a luggage means too much of a hassle. Also, pack your luggage in a good steady and easily maneuverable suitcase.

  1. Inform Those Back Home

It is mandatory security measure to inform your people back home about the proposed trip of yours. The places you would visit, the places of your stay along with precise address and contact numbers must be given to your friends back home. Also, inform your bank about your foreign trip in case you want to stay away from monetary hassles also on your trip.


  1. Pack your Medications

Packing your first Aid Box is always a good idea and if you are under some sought of medication then it’s essential to pack them too. It’s always better to pack in dosages in advance for a fortnight as it reduces your risk of running out of it in places where you would find it hard to arrange them.

  1. Follow Reasonable Precautions

Taking a reasonable precaution always helps as it will keep you safe and sound and also free from unnecessary hassles. Keep your keys, and important documents like Passport and Tickets safe and do not hand it anyone unknown or without much credentials. Keep your wallet and other valuables close to you. It is of utmost importance to keep your body language right and be confident to avoid any attention from the people with wrong and criminal intentions. Wear normal clothing and avoid flashing heavy jewelry and expensive watches etc.


  1. Take Proper Diet and Lots of Water

On foreign tours, you need to take a proper diet to keep your body and brains working. Lots and lots of water is an essentiality too. Do not forget to carry your daily health supplements along with you and have it too on regular basis. Also, have your daily doses of vitamin c as it boosts your immune system. Because illness will in no way enhance the bliss that your trip offers.


Travel is a great learning tool, as you tend to learn things that are not merely confined to your books only when you are going to new destinations.

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