Six gadgets to make traveling a less stressful affair

While most travel is meant to be fun, the stress of hitting the open road or taking to the skies can overshadow some of the excitement. Make sure you’re well-prepared for your next trip with a well-rounded selection of smart devices that will make your excursions easier. These high-tech solutions will help you overcome some of the biggest stressors associated with travel, so that you can kick back and enjoy a relaxing trip.

Handheld Steam Cleaner

If you’re traveling for business or a formal event, a handheld steam cleaner will eliminate the stress of trying to pack just right to protect your clothing. These sleek portable devices fit easily in a suitcase or travel bag. Just fill them with water, and you can eliminate wrinkles from your business suit, party dress, or other items that are important to your appearance.

High-Tech Suitcase

Your luggage is a constant companion when you’re on the road. Most suitcases are simply added weight, but the Black Edition Bluesmart suitcase is a powerful travel companion. The integrated scale will help you pack smart, so you’re never hit with a surprise fee when you check your bag. A location tracker is built in so you’ll never lose your belongings, and the remote lock gives you a sense of security even when your bag isn’t by your side.

This high-tech suitcase even helps you care for your other devices. The built-in battery charger will charge your smartphone, tablet, or other device up to six times during your trip.

Portable Speaker

If you love listening to your favorite playlist while you get ready in the morning, a portable speaker is the perfect way to ensure that you always have access to your music. While some hotels do have iHome stereo systems that work with smartphones, you won’t have to chance it with a device like the Volcano UE Roll 2. This speaker can also take your music out to the beach, park, or other destination with wireless ease, so you can add the perfect ambiance to your day.

A Smarter Watch

It’s important to keep an eye on your watch while you’re traveling, but there’s so much more that your watch can tell you besides the time. Upgrade to a smarter watch, and you can revolutionize the way you use this classic accessory.

Wearing your Samsung Gear smartwatch, you’ll have instant access to the most important features of your Android smartphone, such as text message notifications and calendar information. Wireless charging makes it easy to recharge the Gear anywhere, whether you’re in the hotel, at a campsite, or in the car. Pair your smart watch with a powerful network like T-Mobile’s, and you’ll never be limited by accessibility or data. This versatile tool can put you in control of your travel.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

If you’re sensitive to noise, you’ll find few things as stressful as a crying child on an airplane or a loud group of teenagers on a bus. Block out all the unwanted sounds with noise-cancelling headphones. You can plug these in to your smartphone, tablet, iPod, or other device to listen to music, catch your favorite shows, or watch a movie. If you want to drift off, you can even use a soothing app to listen to white noise or a rainstorm so you can weather your trip free of stress.

Multiple Device Charger

You have a lot of important devices to keep on hand while you’re traveling. A multiple device charger will let you juice them up all at once, so you don’t have to worry about rotating your essential items in a room with too few outlets. Get into the habit of plugging all your devices in at the same time while you’re at your hotel so you’re always ready to go with a fully-charged suite, including your smartphone, laptop, tablet, and camera.

With the right technology in (or on) your suitcase, you can enjoy a relaxing escape that’s free from stresses like wrinkled clothing, loud airplanes, and dying devices. A little planning and the right tech tools are all you need to enjoy the ultimate stress-free trip.

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