Skytop Lodge Family Adventure Center Is Perfect for Kids + Teens

Skytop LodgeLocated in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania, Skytop Lodge offers hundreds of options for family fun whether you have kids, tweens or teens.

From wilderness adventures like biking, hiking and swimming to boating and kayaking, tennis and swimming – and golf, spa, fishing and shooting for adults – there’s something for every member of the family.

Skytop Lodge: Family Adventure Destination

Skytop Lodge has built its reputation as an up-market, outdoor adventure destination, a haven for families who seek the great outdoors, luxurious accommodations, a sumptuous meal and unique amenities.

30-ft-tall Climbing WallThe New Adventure Center for Tweens and Teens:
Rock Climbing, Geocaching or Treasure Hunting, Paintball, Wilderness Skills

Skytop’s outdoor adventures expand this summer with the opening of a new adventure center, complete with a 30-foot-tall rock climbing wall, a single-track mountain bike, geocaching (National Treasure fans, take note!), paintball, wilderness skills classes, canoe and kayak instruction.

The Skytop Adventure Center in Pennsylvania is well-suited for tweens and teens; children over the age of 10 or 60 lbs+ are welcome to come and try a new activity or learn a new skill, which will result in a more enriching vacation experience. Adventurous boomers are also invited to try a new sport and challenge themselves, or families can opt for a family challenge. The new adventure center is located at the base of the ski slope and offers classes for all of the above from spring until the first snow falls.

Treasure Hunting! Guests who are intrigued by the movie National Treasure can get a taste of what it is like to uncover hidden treasure by learning the art of geocaching, an outdoor treasure hunting game using a GPS (Global Positioning System) to hide or seek containers called geocaches or caches anywhere in the world. Guests will learn how to use a GPS, how to program the system, map out coordinates using GPS, and finally, how to use the GPS to find the coordinates, which may reveal undiscovered treasures. This is an ideal activity for children 13 years of age and older and adults alike.

Skytop LodgeThe 30-foot-tall Rock Climbing Tower and Paintball Fields offers six different climbing stations and can transform from easy to moderate to difficult by a simple arrangement of the wall’s foot stations. Complimentary rock climbing sessions on all six courses are offered as well as classes for those who want to augment their climbing skills. Paintball is yet another new outdoor activity guests may want to try, consisting of four different fields and equipment rentals for up to 20 players.

Wilderness Skills Classes offers a combination of instruction and education on basic survival skills, such as the identification of edible plants, directions on how to make a fire, basic map skills (reading and navigation), and how to build an emergency shelter. Two classes per day are available for children 10+ years of age and of course, parents are welcome.

Learn to Canoe and Kayak
like a pro while building skills in handling and navigating with daily classes for adults and children 10 and up. For a dry activity, try single-track mountain biking where various terrains and obstacles deliver a skills trail for those seeking a rugged adventure through the Pocono Mountains.

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