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Canary Islands is one of the most popular winter sun destinations in Europe, wherein Tenerife is a renowned vacation destination having more visitors than any other islands. You certainly do not have to worry about where to lay you head or relax when you have come to Tenerife as the city will provide you with anything from hotel, country cottage, villa rental, boutique villas, holiday home and even self-catering accommodation.

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Tenerife has everything from lavish 5-star hotels to quiet and intimate hideaways. Canary Islands boast of apartments, and hotels for all tastes. There are modern hotels nestled in semi-private beaches, vast and lively resorts for countless services and comforts, and large complexes built for vacationing families and couples.

The boutique villas in Tenerife give you a taste of the elite standard living. What’s more, there are quaint little hotels up in the mountains with few rooms providing you a secluded spot with enchanting scenery. No matter what type of accommodation you go for, you will get excellent service with equally excellent settings. There are all types of hotels offering you such memorable services that will make you want to visit Tenerife again.

Tenerife has surplus of hotels, rental accommodations available. When planning to spend your vacations here, it will be feasible on your pocket to book your flights and accommodation well in advance.


Majority of the hotels allocate their rooms to tour operators. But even then, you might be lucky to book an independent accommodation especially now that tourism industry has taken bit of a decline. Due to this, the big fish of tour operators are cutting back on their allocations.

During the holidays like Christmas, Easter and summer holidays, it may be difficult to find accommodation as these are the peak seasons. Hotels that were built in the 60s and 70s were not really attractive in aesthetics and appearance but during the recent years, lot of efforts have been made resulting in manifesting lower rise, diverse structures with swimming pools and massive gardens.

Playa de las Americas, a purpose built resort have most of the modern tourist hotels. The traditional Canarian buildings like the older resorts Puerto de la Cruz also have some old hotels that are built charmingly in Spanish colonial style court yards with wooden balconies.

Self-Catering Accommodation

Looking for economical way to stay? You could rent out one of the many privately owned apartments or choose the option of self-catering apartments. Furthermore, self-catering accommodations can be rented at a very short notice as well. These Tenerife accommodation options range from basic studios, small villas, and 1-2 bedroom apartments to large luxury villas.

Budget Accommodation

Tenerife city provides its visitors with plenty of budget accommodation options on the island. You may need to keep this in mind that budget accommodation options attract lots of people. They can be bit loud, noisy or like to party late. But all of this highly depends on the time of year you plan to visit Tenerife.

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