How to spend your vacation in Libya

Libya is a country worth exploring. The landscape is varied and full of surprises. There are miles of sandy deserts, lovely mountains and some picturesque beaches in Libya. You should go for a vacation in Libya with plenty of time in hand because if you hurry then you will miss some of the best places and tourist spots. UNESCO has declared more than five Libyan places to be world heritage sites.


Millions of foreign travelers visit Libya to enjoy its unique natural landscape and magnificent fabricated architecture. There are hundreds of things to do in Libya so you need not worry about dull moments. Political warfare had nearly ruined this country but the overthrow of Gaddafi has acted as a balm on the severed relationship of Libya with the western countries. The tourism sector of Libya is developing very fast and the infrastructure is improving as well. It is believed that soon Libya will become one of the best tourist spots around the world.

One of the most visit-worthy archaeological sites of Libya is Leptis Magna. If you do not have much time and want to see some of the best tourist spots, you should keep Leptis Magna at the top of your itinerary. It is considered the top Roman site in the entire Mediterranean region. It was once a gorgeous and well-decorated Roman settlement. The Severan Arch was built to show respect to the Emperor Septimus Severus. Do not miss the Hadrianic baths made with marble mosaic and the huge amphitheater.

Leptis Magna

If you are enjoying a vacation in Libya, then do go for desert driving and dune surfing. Go to the Great Sand Sea via Al Jaghbub. Also, visit the desert lakes of this region and take pictures. Ride the 4WD in the Great Sand Sea and you will not feel like stopping. For dune surfing you will have to travel to the Ubari Lake. The dunes around the lake are very high.  Surfing them can be risky but if you are a pro then you should undertake the challenge.

If you are going to Libya then you must pay a visit to Ghadames. Many consider it the most beautiful desert oasis town. Ghadames is also referred to as the ‘Pearl of the Desert’. It is located some 800km southwest of Tripoli. There are vast orchard gardens in this oasis city, full of orange, palm and pomegranate trees. During the Reign of Gaddafi, the residents were moved to nearby new houses and the old houses were abandoned. UNESCO offers support in maintaining the houses and the city.

Jebel Nafusa

When in Libya, do not miss the chance of shopping exotic objects from the old souks. In Tripoli there are particular roads dedicated to different luxury items like gold, spices and bridal fabrics. The bridal fabrics of Libya are made from plants and animal skins. Go to the Green Mountains or Jebel Nafusa for some trekking and hiking. Explore the beautiful surroundings full of prehistoric caves, olive groves and ancient churches.

Libya is a home to some of the best Roman cities. The ancient Roman cities have been preserved and maintained with great care. The best place to experience the splendor of the Romans is Villa Sileen. If possible then go for a camel trek through the beautiful and scenic Akakus Mountains. Camel treks help tourists to explore some parts of the Sahara and enjoy the beauty of the desert completely.


Libya is a lovely place with unique tourist attractions. There are numerous archaeological spots, along with gorgeous sea beaches and sand dunes spread over vast desert plains, in Libya.

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