Strangest Statues that will amaze you

Every statue is a sculpture that depicts a person or an animal. They are the true examples of any country’s culture and local craftsmanship. They must have always forced you to think that for what reason a particular person was selected to make his/her statue. In most of the cases you can find the answer but in many cases even if you think hard and hard but you can’t get any reason behind this. Here is the list of some of the strangest statues that you will ever encounter in your life.

 Panorámica de la Mano del Desierto

Hand of the Desert, Atacama Desert, Chile

Chile is famous for its Atacama Desert, a barren stretch of the Pan American Highway. About 47 miles away from the town of Antofagasta there is strange statue that will surely amaze you. We are talking about a 36 foot tall hand statue that protrudes out of sand from nowhere. Everyone must have experienced mirage in desert and it is obvious that such a giant hand in between a barren land will surely appear to be a mirage. This amazing sculpture was built in 80s and is also known as “Hand of the Desert” or “Mano de Desierto”, was the creation of a great sculptor Mario Irarrazabal.

 Posankka, Turku, Finland

Posankka, Turku, Finland

Posankka is a blend of two Finnish words, “Duck” and “Pig”. Posankka in Turku is a 16 foot tall cotton candy colored sculpture, depicting a hybrid of a duck and a pig. This citywide famous sculpture was made by Alvar Gullichsen as a part of an environmental art project. The artist explained the idea behind his creation, according to him the hybrid is a criticism for the modern genetic modification technology. Along with this, it also pays tribute to Turku’s Avant Garde tradition.

 Two Lovers, Puerto Montt, Chile

Two Lovers, Puerto Montt, Chile

Another feather in the hat of Chile in strangest statue category is that of Two Lovers. These giant statues of two friends will surely give you a nice company if you are having a pleasant time looking over Puerto Montt Bay. The lovers are too busy in their own attentions to pay attention to you. Every year hundreds of couples come to this place to have a photograph with this giant still couple. This luridly colored statue will surely amaze you every time you look at it.

 Miguelin, Shanghai

Miguelin, Shanghai

All of us love babies. We all get mesmerized by a baby’s smile and the way they look at you. What if the baby is 21 foot fall with crystal blue eyes? Yes, we are talking about Miguelin, a giant electronic baby that dreams, breathes and blinks. This amazing art was the creation of the famous movie director from Spain, Isabel Coixet. This sculpture was built for the millions of visitors visiting 2010 World Expo in Shanghai. Even after the closure of the World Expo, it is still a center of attraction to millions of visitors at the Shanghai Expo Museum.

Man With Fish Sculpture at Shedd Aquarium 707132

Man with Fish, Chicago

If you ever see a giant fish statue in front of a national aquarium then you will not be surprised, but what if you see a giant man hugging a giant fish statue? You will surely be amazed by seeing this amazing art that makes no sense. It is located in front of the Shedd Aquarium of Chicago. Built in 2001, this large statue amazes the visitors, they don’t have any idea what this is doing here, and still every year thousands of visitors come to see this masterpiece. A German sculptor, Stephan Balkenhol created this 12 foot tall statue. He is basically known for his mastery in capturing and making sculptures of expressionless humans.

Summary: We all know the purpose of statues and why they are created, but have a look at these amazing statues that are made without any particular reason. They are just a piece of attraction for travelers.

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