Stuck in time in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia

Photo by Gizelle Lau.

If you didn’t know better (and if the baby stroller hiding behind the fence didn’t give it away), you may think this photo was taken sometime in the 18th century – but truth be told, it’s just another day in historical Colonial Willliamsburg, Virginia.

A living museum, the town of Colonial Williamsburg is what history lessons should be – interactive, fun, entertaining, and exciting to be a part of.  From 9am to 5pm every day, hundreds of actors and actresses dress in their costumes from the 1700’s and interact with kids, adults, families, and all the visitors looking to experience this important historical destination.

From costumes to public events, soldiers, animals, food, blacksmithing or chocolate-making – visitors learn about what it was like to live in Colonial Williamsburg in its heyday and get a history lesson on the American revolution.

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