Taiwan’s best beaches that travelers love to visit

Taiwan may be a small island but it has some of the best beaches in the entire Asian continent. People from all over the world come here for a pleasant beach holiday all year round. May to October is the perfect time for visiting some of the best beaches of Taiwan. Beware of the scorching heat in the months of July and August. Taiwan falls under sub-tropical climatic zone and that is why the weather is hot and humid.


People who love water sports can have a great time in the beaches of Taiwan. You can take part in exciting water activities like snorkeling, rafting, fishing, kayaking, surfing, diving, windsurfing and sailing. Not all the beaches look same. Some have golden and soft white sand and the others have enigmatic black sand. Some beaches are entirely white and coral. There are beautiful remote beaches hidden from the general tourists. Explore the outlying islands of Taiwan to find out the secluded beach of your dreams. In the following, we have listed four of the best beaches in Taiwan.

 Baishawan beach, just north of Taipei, Taiwan.

Baishawan Beach:

The famous Baishawan Beach is situated between two well-known places Linshanbi and Cape Fuguei. It is considered the best beach on the northern coast of Taiwan. The best things about this spectacular beach are its 1000-meter long stretch of white sand and lovely blue sea. It is quite near the town named Sanzhi and reaching it is easy for tourists. You should plan an entire day at the Baishawan beach. Rent your beach umbrella and foldable chairs along with some snacks and water or other preferred drinks because you will not find these things in the underdeveloped Baishawan beach. Tourism may not have developed completely but this has kept the beach from getting polluted. You can enjoy the water sports or go to the nearby mountain from where you can indulge in some thrilling hang gliding.

 Fulong Beachasa

Fulong Beach:

You will have to travel to the Fulong village situated in the northern coast of Taiwan if golden beaches are your weakness. Here you will find two beautiful beaches separated by a river named Shuangsi. This river runs quite deep and offers a chance of canoeing and windsurfing to the beach goers. You can take a train from Taipei to reach the village of Fulong easily. It is one of the most famous family holiday destinations of Taiwan. You can live in the neat log cabins near the beach.

 Jibei Island

Jibei Island: 

The Jibei Island beach is also known as the Sand Bay Beach. Many experienced travelers consider the Jibei beach to be one of the best beaches of Asia. This beach is many kilometers long and offers a spectacular view of the sea from the 1500-meter beak. You will find the Baishawei beach in the southwestern part of the Jibei Island. The stunning beauty of this white sand beach will make your heart flutter.


Green Island:

From the southeast coast of Taiwan, you will have to ride a boat for an hour to reach the beautiful Green Island. The island looks untouched and virgin. It can be toured within an hour but you may like to spend a lot of time here due to the quietness of the white sand beaches and lush green mountains that surround the beach. The sea is such a lovely blue that you will feel like looking at the water for hours.


Taiwan is a wonderful place to visit. It has several beautiful beaches where you can indulge in different types of water sports and beach activities.

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