The Most Photogenic Locations in Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is an amazing country with beautiful hot-spots everywhere you look. No visit is complete without taking lots of stunning photos to remind you of your travels. The following are the most photogenic locations in Australia and are definitely worth a visit.

The Blue Mountains

Very popular with tourists due to the amazing views and interesting walking trails is The Blue Mountains. This location can be found a few hours away from Sydney and it’s ideal for taking photos of country landscapes. I would suggest wrapping up warm if you visit here; else, it can get quite chilly!

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The Great Barrier Reef

One of the most well known places in Australia is The Great Barrier Reef as it promises some stunning underwater photography. Explore the magical depths and snap photos of the stunning fish, turtles, coral and more. It’s SO colorful under the water and you are going to be mesmerized by the sights around you.

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Kimberley Region

Quite different to the beaches but just as amazing is the Kimberley Region, which is located in the north western corner on the country. If you love anything historical and interesting, you are going to love it here. The oldest rock formations in the country are found in this location, dating back to 350 million years! Complete with the quirky “boab trees”, you are guaranteed some unique but stunning shots in the Kimberley Region.

Whitsunday Islands

No trip to sunny Australia is complete without soaking up the amazing golden sandy beaches and this is a great one. The Whitsunday Islands are actually located very close to The Great Barrier Reef, so why not hit both locations in one day? The sea is bluer than what you could have ever imagined and climbing the hill will give you amazing views of Whitehaven beach.

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The Great Ocean Road

For an awesome little road trip from Melbourne to Adelaide, the Great Ocean Road is an amazing place to behold. Sharp cliff tops are stacked above the crashing waves below, as you drive along the highway you will eventually come across the famous The Twelve Apostles rock formation. The conditions are not always great here but if you put in the time, you are guaranteed the most stunning photographs.

Kakadu and Lichfield National Parks

These two national parks which are located quite close to each other have magnificent scenery that you would struggle to find anywhere else in the world. For waterfalls, lakes, bushland and everything else, you could possibly need for the most photogenic locations in Australia.


Sydney itself deserves its own place on this list because there is simply so much to see and do here. You will find the most stunning architecture in Sydney including The Great Sydney Opera House, The Harbour Bridge and The Centrepoint Tower. Also in Sydney are some incredible beaches and the streets themselves. The whole vibe of the city is amazing, you are guaranteed to come across some interesting people which of course, makes for great photos.

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