The terrific anchorages that you should know in Ibiza

Port Roig

Traveling isn’t a pastime, it is more than that. Being wanderlust is something to be proud of; if you belong to that category, be happy! This is for the ones who love traveling and for the ones who dare to take risks. Having said that, if you had never been to Ibiza, call yourself a “loser”.

Do you know the sensational beauty of Ibiza? The yacht charter Ibiza tour could be one of those travel goals for many people. If you are planning to travel and wondering for a destination, it is not too late to pick Ibiza. This would be flawless start to your journey on the yacht while enjoying the turquoise water and the classic coastline. You will become the spectator of the fascinating islands around Ibiza. If you are a yacht maniac and watersports lover, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity. This could be the voyage you always wanted. To be honest, sailing around Ibiza will be like the figment of imagination but it is not! You can call it a “day well spent”

Most yacht service providers guarantee a relaxed, smooth and exciting voyage. You have various choices to make. There are yachts in different sizes, shapes, and models, so you can hire the one you demand. Nevertheless, when hiring you should be passionate in finding the suitable yacht because there are different yachts for different needs. If you are touring with your partner, you should pick a fascinating yacht. On the other hand, when picking a yacht for the family, you should pick the spacious yacht. However, it is not easy to find the right yacht for your needs.

How to find quality yacht?

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Well, as we alluded above, finding the suitable yacht as per your demands is not at all easy. You should check whether the yacht service providers are experienced in the field. Before that, you should have the basic idea of the hiring procedure. You should know the factors that require your focus. You should have the proper knowledge of the terms and conditions. In fact, if they offer a certain rate, you should have some kind of idea to see whether it is reasonable or not. Even if you don’t have the overall know-how of the yacht hiring process, it is better to have at least the basic understanding of the hiring process.

An experienced service provider would have served many clients. In addition, an experienced trader will not survive in the field without having lived up to the expectations of its clients. Based on this factor, you can decide whether to get their service or not. They should commit their time and energy to offer a great experience for you!

What are the terrific anchorages?

Now getting to the core, we will offer a few suggestions for you to pick when you visit Ibiza.

The Es Xarco & Cala Jondal

This port is opened to the south while being blessed with some seaweed sand and turquoise water. Best to visit during July and August months, you’d find extremely beautiful rocky beaches that wouldn’t let you return home. You can even sail on boats if you want. There are top-class restaurants in both the places.


anchorages that you should know in Ibiza

You can feel the warmth of south-east and south winds here at the Atlantis. It boasts crystal-clear water along with amazing panorama of Islands in Es Vedra. You can spot witches and wild goats in this area. The historic center of the Island Ibiza can also be found here. This is certainly a hardly-ever see anchorage, so you should make sure to visit it.

Port Roig

If you are hooked to nature and love admiring it, then there is no better place for you! This is a natural port that has the excellent protection while being exposed to the south-east wind. The rugged, rocky, warm and reddish sand make you fall in love with it. Similar to other islands, the boating season is in July and August. If you want some alone time, you should visit in offseason, so that you could see how peace seems like. This is one among the best anchorages you can find in Ibiza. Call to mind that there are no restaurants or bars in this area, so it proves why the place is ideal for some alone time. But within ten minutes distance from Port Roig, you can find some fun and excitement.

As we say, every individual is unique; the anchorages are also unique in their own way!

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