Things to do and enjoy for an authentic Edinburgh experience

Edinburgh, Scotland’s capital is famous for its elegant set up, the neoclassical buildings and sweeping views from it speaks. One thing more that almost everybody is familiar with and that makes Edinburgh so famous globally is the world’s largest art festival that takes place in August every year. However, these are not the only things that are there to see and so in Edinburgh. Here is some more to Edinburgh that enables you to have a true Edinburgh experience:

Shopping spree on Victoria Street

Women Shopping

Visiting Edinburgh and not visiting the Victoria Street is like leaving your trip in the mid way. You must visit it once to see the finest collection of boutiques, tweed tailor, bookshops, antique shops, excellent restaurants and whiskey shops.

Climb the Arthur’s Seat

Climb the Arthur’s Seat  (1)

It is a 251-meter high point and nobody knows how it got this name. If you have the energy and the right footwear, you can easily trek and reach the top to enjoy the unmatched views of the city. In case you visit Edinburgh on May Day and you are a woman, go wash your face with the hill’s morning dew, as people there believe doing so makes women beautiful.

Royal Botanic Garden

Royal Botanic Garden

Such a beautiful and a tranquil place the Royal Botanic Garden is located at a 15-minute distance from the city centre. It a botanic garden spread over 70 acres and with thousands of trees, shrubs, rare plants, and special gardens on it. If it rains or you feel it is too hot outside, you can take shelter in the steamy Victorian Palm House or enjoy a meal at the Gatehouse Restaurant or in the Terrace Café.


 Greyfriars Churchyard

If you happen to be an animal lover and you visit Edinburgh, the Greyfriars is one stop your trip would not be complete without it. Go see Bobby’s statue on the opposite of the Greyfriar’s gate, a dog who remained by his master’s grave for 14 years. Other attractions to see there is the Kirk, church and the most haunted graveyard. There are some stories of people getting bruises and scratches in this graveyard, so visit it for sure to satisfy your craving for some spooky fun.

Edinburgh offers some exhilarating views and activities to keep visitors happy and busy. Besides attending art festivals and workshops, you can dine in the legendary restaurants, sip some unique whiskies at the bars, check out neoclassical architecture in the Old Town, and much more.

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