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Travel during the holidays (a.k.a the season of packed car trunks and extra baggage fees) always makes me feel like one of those Grand Canyon mules that treks far too close to the edge of the trail.
There seems to be little you can do about the kid gear and glad tidings you are obliged to transport during the holiday but you can save yourself a few pounds here and there with some pre-planning.

While I know none of us parents would do anything silly like over packing, it is difficult to impose the same discipline on all of those onesies, cute jeans, and itty bitty sweaters in our kids’ suitcases. It’s especially challenging when you know that young children are innately driven to dribble, spill, and do other things that I know I don’t have to detail for you.

As you are packing your kid’s holiday wardrobe keep these three rules in mind:

  • Don't over packIf you’re not staying with family, pack a roll of quarters. Although I do not recommend spending your holidays doing laundry, planning to do a few loads over the course of the week can reduce how many outfits you need to pack and how much laundry you have to do when you get home. If you are staying in a resort or hotel, don’t forget travel-size detergent!
  • No Garanimals required-select children’s clothing in a neutral palette. It is far easier to mix and match kids clothes if they are all in a neutral palette. Easier mixing and matching means you need less complete outfits. Neutrals also tend to hide minor stains making rewear easier. Check out Tea Collection for modern neutrals you can easily mix and match.
  • Make sure your kids “fancy” clothes are comfortable clothes. Unless your son can’t live without his Brooks Brothers holiday dinner jacket and tie or your daughter can’t get enough of those scratchy tights, opt for more versatile special occasion wear. For example, a nice-looking comfy cardigan can be paired with leggings for playtime and used again on another day when party clothes are required.

Happy trails!

This article was featured on in October 2008. Reproduced with permission.

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