Tibet Re-Opening May 1 to Tourists


According to Travel Trade News and the Associated Press, Tibet will begin to re-open its borders and re-issue tourist visas on May 1, 2008. All travel to the autonomous region or south west portion of the Tibet province was banned by the Chinese government near the end of March after protests on March 14 turned into riots and unrest throughout various regions in China including Lhasa, Tibet.

Hundreds of tourist and souvenir stores, shops, and business were damaged in the violence. Approximately 80% of damaged businesses have reopened for tourists. . .

Temple in TibetHowever, many of Tibet’s big attractions including its ancient Tibetan Buddhist temples and monasteries will remained closed to the public. These sites will be patrolled and guarded by Chinese government troops and the People’s Armed Police while monks will continue to be detained and interrogated.

Since many tour operators have been affected and travel is likely to suffer from fear of further unrest in the area, Tibetan travel operators are considering discount packages to attract customers back to Tibet.

For more information on the Chinese Government’s Ban and affected areas throughout China, please read our article from late-March: Travel Advisories and Warnings for Tibet & China .

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