Tips for the Spa Virgin

Tips For The Spa Virgin!


By Liz Fleming


Looking forward to trying out a spa experience on your holiday?  Will it be your first time?  If you’re a spa virgin, you’re bound to have a few concerns about what lies ahead.

Wondering what, if anything, you should wear while receiving your treatment? Fretting about your modesty?  Not sure how much to tip the therapist? Just plain nervous about the whole process?

No worries.  A quick read through out ten great spa tips will set your mind at ease, while you let the treatments take care of the rest of you.


l) Reservations for treatments are always a must and should be booked as far in advance as possible to ensure that you get the type of treatment you want from the therapist of your choice.  It is perfectly acceptable to request either a male or female therapist, depending on your preferences.. You are also welcome to visit the spa in advance for a tour, to meet a therapist and to check out the rates before you book any treatment.


2) Many all-inclusive resorts now have spas, but at most of them the spa services are at an extra charge.  You can pay right on site, or, in most cases, have the charges billed to your room.


 3) Leave all your jewelry in your room and dress in loose, comfy clothes.  The spa will provide towels, shampoo, hairdryers, deodorant etc.


4) Always arrive approximately 20 minutes before your treatment to give yourself lots of time to get changed and fill out the standard health status form.


 5) On arrival, you’ll be escorted to a change room and advised what to take off –  and leave on!  (Usually, you remove everything but your underpants.)  You’ll be given a robe and slippers to wear to the treatment room.


6) The therapist will tell you what to expect during your treatment.  If you find the massage a little rough, prefer the lavender scented oil to the geranium, don’t care for the new-agey music, or are uncomfortable in any other way, speak up. Remember, you’re here to relax!


7) Tipping:  Fifteen percent is recommended and this can be added to the charge to your room. If you’d rather give cash, the receptionist at the spa desk will have envelopes you can address to your therapist.

8)  You may feel sleepy following a massage or wrap (a process that involves being covered in warm sheets and blankets.) so be sure to allow a couple of hours of pure relaxation after the treatment, rather than rushing off for a scuba dive or other activity.


9) If you’ve had a facial, forget about makeup and sunbathing for at least a few hours afterwards. Your skin will be extra sensitive and should be treated with care.

10) Gentlemen: if you’re feeling a bit shy, why not start off with a pedicure or a facial for your spa initiation?  You‘ll be surprised to find the atmosphere is clinical but welcoming and not dauntingly girly.  Who knows?  You could come to love visiting the spa as much as the rest of us do!








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